The Betrayal

It's the story about Lyla, a straight A student, living the dream life of high-school. But in an unexpected turn of events, her world turns upside down, breaking her into pieces, from which she is expected to return - soon.


2. The Duo

It was the mid-semester break of the year. Almost everyone was heading back to their homes, or for a small vacation. And here I was, standing gobsmacked in the midst of the pandemonium in the school main hall. My mother has just called me to inform me that they are going on a vacation to Hawaii, and that I would have to stay in campus for the semester break. So I turned around, with the hopes of spending an entire holiday break, reading novels in my dorm room. As I turned around, I saw her for the first time.

Lyla. She was graceful even from such a distance. She was talking on the phone, walking back and forth while her blonde hair danced around her. She seemed upset, but what for?

"Hey, why are you so upset?" I asked Lyla as I approached her.

"What can I say? My parents asked me to stay on campus for this holiday break since my aunt is too sick. I guess I would just have to study all this while too." Lyla said rather unhappy.

"Oh, ah yeah. Tell me about it. My parents are going on vacation and leaving me behind! So boring I tell ya!" I replied making a crazy face.

"Haha, well, you seem to be the interesting fun type, why don't we make it fun since we both would be alone this break?" Lyla said teasingly.

"We are in the same boat, I can't find a reason not to." I replied almost immediately.

The week that followed, was by far the best week in my entire high school life. I spent it with Lyla, catching up on the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars, revising for the finals and having a lot of fun. I remember, one night we went to this little bar and got into a little cat fight over what drink to choose. In the end, we just had some cranberry juice to settle the argument. We had so much fun in that week that we decided to be roommates. So we filed in the request at the student affairs, and it got approved within a week. We were on top of the world when we heard the news, for it was like a dream come true.

We decorated our room, and filled it with our favorite stuff. Such as posters of Rihanna, and pink colored snow flakes. When we were done with our room, Lyla gave me a surprise, that I could never forget. And thank her enough for. She gave me a complete new makeover. Made a nerdy girl who boys were afraid to look even into a hot girl that boys drooled over.

First of all, she dyed my hair. Yes she did. She turned me from a honey blonde, to a beautiful brunette with red tails. She threw away my big glasses, and gifted me with beautiful contacts. Hazel Brown, a color of true beauty. She even changed my wardrobe, completely. I started wearing skinny jeans, and sheer tops instead of the skirts and sweat shirts. And, my sneakers were forgotten in the glory of all the Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin heels she bought for me. She new exactly what matched my pale skin, and that's why I always wanted her to be beside me while I go shopping.

So, after we became room mates, and my transformation, the school started talking about us. We were labeled as The Duo, because we were always together. Like inseparable twins. It was going great, she was already the it girl, and now I was one along with her. Sometimes I think of how drastic my change was, and then I just smile to myself, it's one of the many wonders of Lyla. During the rest of that semester, Lyla and I bonded strongly. We were there for each other during everything. She helped me drag my grades up for the finals, which I was always thankful for. You don't always get a friend like Lyla. One of a kind, a true piece of gem.

Our friendship, I thought was unbreakable. Until Ashley showed up at our school during our junior year. That year, a lot of things happened. A lot of things were lost, and a lot was realized. Even I realized that one should not trust a person too much, it gets broken either way. No matter how close, or strong you think your friendship is, it would not last for a lifetime. But then again, maybe I was wrong. Maybe, just maybe Lyla feels sorry. She might regret what she did, or maybe it was just my mind. Trying not to accept that Lyla could do that to me. To her best friend. All I know is that Lyla changed, a lot. During junior year, she had become completely something else. Not the Lyla I knew atleast. I had a theory, a suspicion about it. And it revolved around Lyla's newly found friendship with Ashley. 


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