The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


15. STRIKE 3!


Tori's POV:


It was now midday and Justin would not leave me alone. 


We had now entered the second part of the stay where you rest your vocals from 9pm till 12am at night to stimulate and preserve your vocals for a short period of time to relax the mind. 


It didn't make sense but every member was required to do this,it was a stupid rule they inflicted. 


Justin however,would always find some way to communicate with me. 


Physical contact was one of the main things he tried,but another was writing things down. 



Which takes us back to now,our class were piling into the room,Justin was nowhere in sight.


I sat down with my desired pillows and listened to the instructor as he told us how to sit.




The meditation session had started 15 minutes before Justin entered. 


He dragged multiple pillows behind him,hitting mediators on the way. 


I took a deep breath,trying to keep myself from ripping his head off right there and then. 


I squinted my eyes open,noticing the instructor was glaring at Justin as he dragged himself forwards. 


The instructor closed his eyes and continued to meditate as Justin placed the pillows down next to me.


From past sessions Justin would always complain that his butt hurt from sitting there for 2 hours straight so I told him the next time to bring pillows.  


But Justin,well...being Justin,he brought more than enough pillows. 


Everyone relaxed again after a minute,including me and we started to focus on our breathing. 


Justin's POV:


I can't get fucking comfy..


This god damn place wouldn't supply pillows from the reception so I had to run back up to the room and collect the ones from there. 


I didn't care if I interrupted that ass holes session,its fucking bullshit anyways.


And if you're wondering who I'm talking about...Arland was teaching this class...great.


If that boy took even one glance at Tori I will suffocate him with my pillow. 


I sat down on the pillows and got into meditation position,legs and arms relaxed,but as soon as I relaxed,the pillows toppled over sending me flying in the opposite direction to Tori,and onto some uptight dudes lap. 


I silently cursed...cause ya'know,your not aloud to fucking speak.


The man growled under his breath and pushed me forcefully off him,I whispered sorry and the man shook his head,hating the fact that I broke his train of relaxation. 


Who does he think he is? the Buddha?


I rolled my eyes and jumped back onto my pillows,causing a feather to fly out of one of them and float upwards. 


Oh fuck..


That feeling was coming....and I wouldn't be able to control i-


''A-AHHH-AHCHOOOOOOOO'' I blurted,causing several people to jump. 


I watched out the corner of my eye as Arland's eyes burst open in shock. 


And after a couple of seconds of realisation,his face became red with anger,and before I could even blink he snapped. 


''STRIKE 3! GET OUT!'' He yelled,standing up and throwing something at me. 


I sat there dumbfounded,why was he telling me to leave?


''Dude.'' I chuckled. ''I fucking sneezed.'' 




At this point people were startled beyond words as the calming aura turned nasty in a matter of seconds. 




''GET THE FRICK OUT!'' He screamed. 


I began to laugh uncontrollably. ''Did you just say frick?'' I spluttered through laughs. 


''I'm so sorry Arland- I- don't know what's wrong with him recently!'' Tori pleaded,trying to get Arland to reason and let me stay. ''I-'' 


''SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU GET OUT......BEFORE I CALL SECURITY TO COME COLLECT YOU!'' He screamed,cutting Tori off in mid sentence. 


Tori's POV:


I stood there speechless,Arland seemed so sweet. 


''Don't you dare speak to her like that.'' Justin growled,standing up and advancing on Arland. 


''I can speak to her however I want.'' He replied sternly,not backing down to Justin's intense glares. 


''I'd watch your mouth if I were' you.'' Justin chuckled,shaking his head as he backed away from Arland.


''Come on.'' Justin whispered,grabbing my hand and yanking me up,I stumbled forwards but ran after him to try and keep up with his fast walk. 


He pulled me out the door after flipping off Arland,he then proceeded to let go of my hand and walk out of the camp. 




''I can't believe you.'' I spat,putting on my seatbelt as Justin started the car. 


''It wasn't my fault! I fucking sneezed!'' He growled,putting the gear into reverse forcefully. 


We backed out of the meditation camp and continued to go down the gravel path. 


It was mid day and the weather seemed poor,grey clouds devoured the sky and trickles of water cascaded down the foggy windows of the car.


I hugged my sweater close to me,trying to feel the slightest bit warm. 


The car was playing the local radio stations,an irritating crackle buzzing continuously in the background.


I sighed as 'Pumped up kicks' by foster the people began to play.


''I think a storms coming.'' Justin stated the obvious,I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. 


Are we stating obvious things now?


''I think you were a dick back there.'' I replied back. 


Justin frowned and glanced at me. ''Woah...where did that come from?'' 


''I thought we were stating the obvious.'' I replied,facing away from him as I looked out into the woodland. 


I heard Justin chuckle right as cold hands grazed my cheek. 


''Hey now,play nice kitten.'' He laughed,rubbing the pad of his thumb under my jaw. 


I moved away,letting his hand fall,I kept my gaze out the window as I felt his intense stares. 


He sighed. ''Are you mad?'' He asked,grabbing my upper arm and trying to pull me around. 


''No I'm great...everything is dandy!'' I yelled a little too enthusiastically. 


He sighed once again. ''If its about the whole thing back there I'm-'' 


''What else would it be about? you ruined this whole trip when I spent so much time planning for was for YOU,not me..for YOU, and you were still selfish enough to ruin that..just don't speak to me right now okay?'' I growled,pushing his arm off me once again. ''I'm so done with your attitude Justin,it fucking stinks.'' I hissed,feeling my eyes begin to water as I tried desperately not to catch his eye. 


He held his breath once he let what I said fully sink in. ''I'm sorry.'' He replied weakly. 


I merely shuffled closer to the window,trying my hardest to face my back towards Justin. 


By mistake a small whimper left my lips and that instantly caught Justin's attention. 


god damn it to hell,why do I suck so bad at hiding my emotions?


The car suddenly fell silent and all that was heard was Justin's heart throbbing. ''Are-Are you crying?'' He asked weakly,glancing at the road and back at me again. 


I shook my head,trying to control my shaky breaths. ''n-no.'' I replied,but sounded more like a question. 


Suddenly Justin began to speed up slightly,I watched through my watery eyes as endless woodland flew past us. 


Fuck,he needs to slow down. 


I had no confidence in my voice to tell him so I sat there praying against god he would slow the fuck down. 


But suddenly the car jolted to the left and he slowed down before putting the car in park and turning off the engine. 


He took out the keys and placed them on the dashboard before he faced me. ''I don't care if you have to force me to start this car,I'm not going to do it until you hear me out.''He replied firmly. 


I was positively sobbing right now,I just wanted to get away from him and sleep,but now I was trapped in a car having to face the boy who put me to tears in the first place. 


''Hear me out Tori,hear me loud and clear...'' He started,facing me. ''I'm going to admit some things now that I may regret in the future...but I'm telling you this because you need to know.'' 


I sniffled,trying to wipe away the tears that were still falling. 


''I'm jealous..I'm rude,I'm an arrogant asshole-'' 


''Why are you telling me things I knew in the first place.'' I replied coldly. 


''I'm just going to ignore that comment..'' Justin replied,glancing out the window before fixing his gaze back to me. ''I may be an insensitive jerk at times-'' 


''All the time.''


He took a deep breath. ''I may be overprotective sometimes...but its all for a good reason.''


Justin took my hand and entwined it with his as he grabbed my jaw with his other hand. ''You know...once you've not been in someone's life for a long time and you suddenly are apart of it again,it kind of shakes you up...I mean,I've tried so hard to make things like how they were before,but I know you're still trying to find my trust...and I respect that,but i've watched you be with someone else and there was nothing I could of done about it,but now I've tried to make things perfect,but its not working as you can see...I just find myself wanting to rip off every boy's head who even walks in your direction,I want to be the only boy to grab your attention,I thrive for your love and I want nothing more than for you to be the centre of my world again,but there's complications..and I know your still hesitant on this whole thing,but I want you to know that it was a mistake to even walk out on you that night..we were both vulnerable and you needed comfort and love,but I didn't give that to you and I will forever hate myself for deserve to be treated like royalty and everyday I promise I'll do that for you,you just have to trust me and accept my flaws,I may be jealous..I may be such a dick to you at times..but I've never felt this way about someone else before. I don't deserve you..I know,but I just can't give you up...I fucking love you so much Tori Brooks,so fucking much.'' Justin whispered,shaking his head as his eyes became watery. 


I was speechless,what could I say to that?


I mean,of course Justin chooses bad choices sometimes,but don't we all? He's human and so am I. 


Without another thought put in mind,I leaned over and gave Justin the biggest hug I could,I pulled him close to my heart,where he should be. 


''I-I-I just want things to go right with us y-you know? I fucked up the first time...I don't wanna do that again.'' He whimpered,pulling me closer if that was even possible. 


I unbuckled my seatbelt and climbed onto his lap as he nuzzled his head into my chest. 


repetitively kissed his head as he continued to sob. ''Justin forget about the past,it was a mistake...I think I'm over it...but are you willing to be?'' 


Justin pulled away and slowly looked up at me. ''y-you trust me?'' He whispered,searching my eyes for any sing of lies. 


''Yes Justin,do you trust me?'' I answered back softly,afraid that he would crack any moment if I didn't address him in a soothing way. 


''With a-all my heart.'' He whispered,his glazed eyes staring into mine. 


''Then we can get through anything,okay? just please don't cry.'' 


''I-I'm sorry..I'll stop.'' He sighed,shaking his head as he wiped the tears with back of his hand. 


I grabbed his cheeks and made him look me in the eyes. ''Let me wipe those pretty eyes.''I giggled,wiping his eyes as he looked up at me with adoration. 


Not wanting to wait any longer,Justin grabbed the back of my head and pressed my lips forcefully down onto his. 


And at that moment I knew that I had fallen in love with this boy all over again,no matter how hard I tried not to. 


Pulling away I smiled down at his cute glowing  face,he seemed so happy..which made me happier. 


''I love you,princess.'' He smiled truthfully. 


I leaned down and kissed him once more,making this kiss extra long. 


but as I pulled away Justin's phone began to blare 'Pound cake' by drake ft jay-z. 


I got off him and sat back in my chair as he grabbed his phone from the cupholder. 


A quick glance at the screen revealed the name 'Ride or die niggah' and I instantly frowned. 


Justin should put the 'n' word anywhere in his phone regardless of weather it's spelled correctly. 


I glared at Justin as he answered the phone. 


''Aye wassup.'' Justin sang. 


Justin has multiple personality disorder...he speaks like an og on the phone when seconds before he was crying and pouring his heart out to me..I might have to inform this 'ride or die' person about  this Just to show how much of not-so-badass he is. 


I smirked deviously as I made a reminder in my head to do that later. 


But once I heard Justin's reply my thoughts got tangled into a spiders web.


''You what?!'' He spat,shaking his head as he grabbed the keys and started the engine. ''A meeting now?  the fuck bro? meetings are erry'  thursday night,it's must be trippin'.'' 


I laughed at how stupid he sounded...the most Canadian white boy trying to sound like a gangsta was new to me.


''Oi I'm serious..what's the rush...I'm with my girl at the moment,timing isn't good man.''


There was more muffled talking on the other side of the phone before Justin growled and punched the steering wheel. 




There was more talking before Justin's face turned white,and he instantly ended the call and threw it to the floor before driving hurriedly out of the lay-by. 


''What's wrong?'' I asked wearily..I didn't want to infuriate him any more than he was now.


''There's a gang making its way onto our territory..they have intentions of wiping all of our gang out.'' 


I gulped. ''Y-You have a gun right...shoot them off!'' I shrieked,failing at keeping my cool. 


''That's not the point...besides there's much more of them than us.'' 


I looked over at Justin. 


''It's Derek's lot...there coming to Stratford.'' 






sorry about the long wait,I just didnt have time to update,i was in and out of the hospital every weekend which is when I normally update...

what's going to happen>


and why is dereks gang coming to stratford?


15+ comments and you'll find out why;)




love you's



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