The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


3. Scars of terror


Tori's POV:

*2 weeks later*


I had just climbed out the shower when my phone began to beep on the dresser. 


I quickly pulled on my underwear before diving over my bed to grab it. 


Once I clicked the home button my screen illuminated a message from 'The bae *kissy face,purple heart,purple kinky devil thingy*


Which of course....was Austin,but for some reason...I kept thinking Justin had text me,but that was impossible as I blocked his number and changed mine. 


'The bae:


Hey gorgeous,you know I love you right?;) well there's a huge party tonight at my friends house and I kinda told him we'd go...please come? pwetty please:*' 


I rolled my eyes and quickly thumbed out a reply before setting my phone down. 




Oh my god this is why I love you:* thanks babe,it will be fun...I heard Tazzer was going,you guys can catch up right? I'll pick you up in half an hour...the party is like an hour away.xo' 


I replied with a quick 'ok' before I adventured off into my wardrobe to find a pretty outfit.


Was this a dressy type of party...or was it casual? fuck...I'll just risk it and wear a dress. 



Tori's Outfit:



Once I was satisfied with my appearance I began to cram vital things into my clutch,e.g Phone,lipstick,rape alarm ect. 


Your probably thinking what the fuck's a rape alarm?


Well if you don't know...let me tell you,its a small shaped plastic device,there is a topper,just like a grenade,when the plug has been pulled,a ear piercing continuous alarm goes off,alerting people around you that something's only stops when the string is re-placed back inside. 


Ever since that night last year,I would take this every where I went with me,in fear of someone trying to attack me. 


And it just so happened to cross my mind to take it tonight. 




''Have I told you,that you look absolutely stunning?'' Austin grinned,stepping back after he ringed the doorbell,he pulled me close and kissed my cheek. ''My gorgeous little goddess.'' He whispered. 


I blushed so fucking hard that I had to look in the opposite direction to him until the door swung open. 


''AYE AUSTIN!'' A Man cheered,grabbing Austin's outstretched hand and pulling him inside. 


The man looked over at me and his eyes bulged out of his head,I smiled shyly and pulled at the bottom of my dress,making sure my parts were covered. 


''Hot damn...who's this fine piece of ass?!'' He shrieked,wolf whistling obnoxiously. 


''My girlfriend.'' Austin replied sternly,grabbing my hand and pulling me inside. 


The atmosphere was thick with smog,and you could tell that people were smoking weed here,it was evident when someone trudged passed me,their eyes blood shot and their mouth ajar. He looked more like he was taking bath salts if I'm honest,he looked lifeless. 


Do I really wanna be here?


But before I could question my thoughts,Austin pulled me further into the house heading towards the kitchen. 


I struggled to hear myself breathing as the speakers boomed their sound waves straight into my ears,The volume of the music was so high that it could easily leave you death. 


I flinched once I walked past the 6ft speaker,blasting out 'Good day' by Tyga and Lil Wayne. 


''Austin!'' I screamed even though he was only an inch away from me. 


I felt like I needed to scream to get his attention,it was so loud in here I couldn't take it much longer. 


Austin smiled at me before tapping his ear,he grabbed my hand tighter and pulled me into the kitchen,the music was still loud but it was at the volume where you could at least hear a proper conversation by shouting. 


Sweaty bodies clung fiercely to one another,the stench of different alcohol mixed together. 


This reminded me of Project-X,I just wanted to go home. 


''Babe,you want a drink?'' Austin called in my ear,his breath already holding the scent of alcohol. 


''Uh..just a bit.'' I murmured,watching him pour some unidentified alcohol into a solo red cup. 


I took it out of his hand and smiled up at him,there was no point in saying thanks...he wouldn't hear me anyway's. 


I stayed leaning against the kitchen worktop as drunken teens began to grind in front of us.



after 20 minutes of standing in the kitchen,watching people dance inappropriately to the music I began to feel sick I was feeling so claustrophobic right now,it was almost as if over time,people had inched closer towards me,enclosing me in a small space.


But who am I kidding,it's just that more people are turning up so there isn't much room left for space,and I just happened to be in the last available part.


If Justin was here he would- I seriously thinking about him when I'm at a party?


I chuckled bitterly and grabbed a half full cup of alcohol from the counter,not giving a shit who it belonged to. 



I was feeling giddy and wanted more alcohol in my system..I just wanted to relax,and for once...forget about all the drama that filled my life to the brim.


''Pass me more.'' I giggled,feeling a bad case of the hiccups developing in my throat. ''I have hiccups and I don't fucking like them.'' 


Austin merely laughed before giving me a mini bottle of Jack Daniels. 


I held the bottle high above my head and drained it,getting a few cheers from drunken boys. 


I giggled and grabbed Austin's hand,leading him back into the main room where the music played. 


''Let's dance.'' I giggled,pushing him into the middle of the dance floor.


I walked in after him and turned around,grinding my butt against his crotch.


''Fuck Tori.'' Austin growled,grabbing my hips firmly to apply more pressure. 


I threw my bottle of Jack Daniels to the floor and grabbed his neck from behind,bringing his lips down onto mine. 


I kissed him sloppily before I let go,I smirked and looked straight forwards again just as the song changed to 'Red Nose-Sage the Gemini'. Austin began to cheer and I instantly giggled,sending a hiccup into my mouth. 


I growled,they were the ones that hurt. 


I merely ignored the fact I had painful hiccups and began to grind on Austin,but when I looked up into the crowd,I instantly froze...feeling like I was 100% sober again. 


Justin was stood on the opposite side of the room staring at me and Austin with a blank expression,but his veins popped out of his neck,his eyes growing dark. 


''Fuck.'' Austin groaned,too fucking drunk to even notice Justin's presence. 


I pushed Austin back and whispered in his ear that I was going to find the bathroom. He nodded and kissed my earlobe before he let me go.


I quickly ran out the room and squeezed through the bodies in the hallway,I began to make my way upstairs as Austin had told me earlier that there was no bathroom downstairs. 


I climbed over the bottles and passed out bodies mounting the stairs and ran into the nearest bathroom. 


Feeling the bile and sick rise up from inside my stomach I quickly doubled over and threw up all over the floor. 


Shit,why didn't I aim for the toilet. 


I guess I felt slightly better though,seeing Justin earlier just made me sick to the bone,so I guess it was a good Idea to adventure off to the bathroom. 


I decided to wash my face briefly with cold water to sooth my burning skin. 


Without another thought I opened the bathroom door,ready to tell someone I accidently threw up a whole bottle of alcohol. 


But as soon as I stepped out the bathroom,I felt someone's sweaty palm wrap it's self around my mouth and anchor me into a room. 


If this is Justin I swear I will kill him. 


But when I realised the unknown person had shut and locked the door,I knew it couldn't of been him. 


Suddenly I was forcefully throw up against the wall by the door,looking straight into the person's eyes. 


But strangely this person was unfamiliar...I had never seen him in my life.


''Tori Tori Tori.'' He chuckled bitterly. ''You should never adventure off in someone's house half never know what sort of mess you could get yourself into.'' He chuckled evilly.


Pushing me up against the wall and using something cold and pointy to lift up the rim of my dress. 


I began to shake,what did this man mean?


I would have thought he had the wrong girl but the fact that he knows my name when I've never seen him in my life before basically confirms the fact that he has the right girl. 


''Who-who are y-you?''   I asked shakily,trying to analyse his features.


but it didn't work. He was tall and skinny,he had dark brown hair and beady eyes,the type that would give you nightmares. He had an evil smirk on his face and a bit of stubble. 


''Oh sweetie.'' He laughed. ''I'm your worst nightmare.'' He stated,trailing something up my leg. 


I looked down to see a long knife slowly lifting up my dress. 


I pushed him away. ''P-please don't hurt me!'' I whimpered,a tear slowly cascading down my cheek.


''It's too late for that.'' He stated,before a sudden pain rippled through my left thigh,I instantly fell weak and struggled to stay up,he had just sliced up my thigh. 


''Help H-HELP!'' I screamed through tears,hoping anyone could save me. 


I quickly pulled open my clutch and fiddled inside,trying to find my rape alarm. 


But as soon as the small device was planted in my hand,it was snatched away and thrown at the opposite wall,shattering the thing to pieces. 


My heart broke..that was my only hope,this loud music drowned out my screams...literally no one could hear me if they were stood outside the door. 


The man began to chuckled once I began to sob. ''Quit the tears princess,no one can save you now.'' He snickered,dragging me closer to the bed. 


I tried my best to dig my heels into the wooden floor,but wearing platforms it was quite hard. 


He hissed once I accidentally  elbowed him in the face after my struggle. ''If you would just cooperate with me,I'll make sure I don't cut you up too much.'' He growled. ''Now which way is it going to be? the easy way..where you receive minimal cuts,or the hard way where I slice open every part of your body.''


''Why are you doing t-this?!'' I screamed,falling back onto the bed unwillingly. 


''You killed him,he was the only person keeping our gang together..'' He growled,walking over to me and grabbing my wrists harshly. 


He dragged me further up the bed and handcuffed each wrist to opposite ends of the bed. 


I felt vulnerable and exposed. 


''You see Tori,if that little boyfriend of your's didn't plot revenge for Derek,then none of this would be you have him to thank for that.'' He grinned,standing at the edge of the bed and running the smooth side of the knife up my thigh. 


''STOP!'' I screamed,lifting my foot up and pushing him in the stomach. 


He doubled over for a couple of seconds,wincing in pain. ''You little bitch!'' He screamed,standing up right and marching forwards. 


He grabbed an ashtray off the bedside table and held it above my head. 


Just as he was about to smash it down into my head,a large banging was heard at the door. 


He chuckled and flung the ash tray across the room.''Saved by the bell eh?'' He smirked,walking over to the door.



''It wasn't a fucking bell.'' I hissed,sitting up slightly. 


He turned around and smirked.''I'd watch that foul mouth of yours if I were you,or I'll make you choke on a bar of soap.'' 


He smirked satisfied with his threat before he looked out the small opening in the door. 


''Ah! looks like the fun's just about to start.'' He chuckled,opening the door to reveal Austin stood at the door,a baseball bat gripped in his hand. 


''AUSTIN!'' I screamed in pure delight. ''Thank god you're here..please help-'' 



''SHUT THE FUCK UP!'' He seethed,slamming and locking the door shut behind him. 


He smirked satisfied with my horrified expression. ''What's the matter? BABE,cat got ya tongue all of a sudden?'' He chuckled,walking over to the side of the bed and bouncing the bat off his palm. 


''Like my dead friend Mike said,the fun's just about to begin.'' He grinned,taking his leather jacket off and throwing it to the floor. 


''Now why don't you open those pretty little legs for me.'' Mike snarled,walking forwards and spreading my legs apart forcefully. 



I watched as Austin sat down next to me on the bed. 


Tears pouring down my cheeks I took in his appearance. ''Why are you doing this?'' I sobbed,feeling Mike run his hands up inner thigh. 


Austin merely looked at me,a glint of hurt in his eyes. 


He leaned down and pretended to kiss my ear,but in fact he muttered a sentence that meant no sense to me.


''Play the fuck along.'' He whispered,ending the sentence with a kiss to my earlobe. 


''Now, you play with yourself?'' Mike asked,unbuckling his belt as he kneeled in front of me.


I began to sob uncontrollably,confused beyond words. 


''I SAID,DO YOU PLAY WITH YOURSELF.'' Mike growled,slapping my leg to get my attention. 


I just looked up at him. ''You don't have to do this.'' 


''ANSWER ME!'' He screamed,gripping the knife firmly in his hand. 


What do I say? if I say the wrong answer he may cut me again. 


''Y-Yes.'' I lied,hoping this was the best possible answer. 


He looked down at me and bit his lip. ''Austin,you gotcha self a naughty one.'' He chuckled deviously,sending Austin a look of approval before turning back to me. ''Play with yourself.'' He stated,pulling his hand further into his pants and beginning to rub his hard on. 


Out the corner of my eye I could see a tear slip from his eye as he continued to stare at me. 


''I'm sorry.'' He mouthed. 




''P-please.'' I begged,hoping Austin would say something,but he didn't..he just sat there. 


''Austin...she's not cooperating with me.'' He hissed. ''If you don't get this worthless slut to do the things I ask...I'll cut so deep in her throat that she will be a human water fountain.'' He growled,taking a hand and wrapping it around my neck. 


He then slowly drew the knife over my neck,the tip slightly grazing my skin. 


 ''Now...I'm going to ask you one more time...are you going to play with yourself?'' He whispered into my ear,making sure his breath tickled my neck in the most unpleasant ways. 


I nodded my head briefly,hoping Austin would step in and do something,but he merely stood up and grabbed the baseball bat,standing over me. 


''Austin...w-why?'' I cried,trying to grab his hand. 


He pulled it away. ''Shut up.'' He growled. 


I let out a muffled sob as Mike stood at the end of the bed,the knife gripped tightly in his palms. 


I whimpered as I slowly reached down and pulled up my dress,cautiously sliding my hand into my pants. 


I was afraid..terrified. 


He laughed and leaned forwards,gripping my panties. ''We need to take these off..I cant see anything.'' He stated,leaning forwards and placing the knife against the fabric,he slowly began to cut,looking at me the whole time with such satisfaction. 


I was terrified,what happens if the knife slipped. 


I looked up at Austin as Mikes concentration was on my panties. 


I motioned for him to hit Mike over the head with the bat but he shook his head,looking away from me quickly. 


My heart slowly broke in two..he was in on this,he was against me.


Austin would you like to do the honours...I know you've been dying to touch her but the frigid bitch would always coward it now...whilst she's helpless...fuck the shit outta her!'' Mike chuckled evilly,getting up and pushing Austin onto the bed. 


Austin stood at the end of the bed and unzipped his pants,he pulled his dick out and began to rub his shaft as he looked at me. 


A single tear slipped his eye,and once again he muttered a small ''I'm so so sorry.'' 


But that didn't mean anything...what he was about to do next could never be forgiven.



He pulled my dress up higher and positioned himself between me. 


''Y-You don't have to do this.'' I cried,shaking my head slowly. ''Austin..please.'' 


''I'm sorry Tori.'' He repeated again,before he suddenly entered me with such force that a new batch of tears sailed down my cheeks. 


He began to ram himself into me,looking me straight in my eyes. 


''Y-Your a monster.'' I cried,trying to push him off me. 


''Stop fighting it!'' He growled,locking my arms down above my head as he continued to pound into me. 


''Stop!'' I screamed,slipping my hand out from his grasp and hitting him in the face. 


He stopped what he was doing and suddenly his eyes turned dark. ''Don't you dare hit me.'' He spat,picking up a picture frame from the table and smashing it against the wood,he grabbed a shard of glass and held it above my face. 


''Hit me again and I swear this will cut deep into your skin.'' He hissed. 


''I-I hate you.'' I cried. ''I hate you Austin...your a fucking m-monster!'' I croaked,my voice dry from all the screaming and crying. 


Even if I tried..I couldn't scream mouth was too sore. 


''AUSTIN! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? FUCK HER! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER..SHE DESERVES IT THE LITTLE SLUT!'' Mike cheered. ''Knock her out..then fuck her in the ass!'' He chuckled evilly. 


Suddenly something snapped in Austin's eyes and he instantly turned around and threw the piece of glass,hitting Mike in the side of the neck. 


''Hit-'' Mike couldn't finish his sentence,all that could flow was the blood pouring out from his neck,he began to sway before he suddenly collapsed to the floor,sending the shard of glass deeper into his neck. 


I screamed and tried to wriggle out from under Austin but he growled. 


''Shut the fuck up! I did that for you!'' He screamed. ''Listen to me!'' 


''No! I fucking hate you!'' I screamed,trying to head butt him,but failing.


''STOP STRUGGLING!'' He grimaced,wincing as he was still inside of me and I was moving about everywhere. 


''HOW FUCKING COULD Y-YOU? Y-YOUR A MONSTER!'' I screamed,I leaned up and spat right in his face. 


Austin grabbed another shard of glass and cut it deep into my stomach. 


I screamed out in pain Just as the door burst open,hanging off it's hinges. 


I felt warm blood seeping out of my stomach and I instantly felt weak,Austin muttered a few profanities under his breath and got up off me. 


''FUCK!'' He screamed,once he got knocked to the floor as a baseball bat came in contact with his stomach. 


My eyes began to close,I felt light headed and the music thumping downstairs sent me over the edge.


I struggled to keep my eyes open,but right as they were about to fuse shut. 


Justin's figure appeared at the bottom of the bed. 


I lost all my ability to see,sending myself deeper into the world of unconsciousness. 


But The last couple of words I could make out left me wondering who said them.


''What have they done to my precious baby girl?''




I'm so sorry if this chapter doesn't make sense...I'm kinda writing this late at night and I'm super tired from having to go into school today to catch up on work. 


I wrote this with my eyes basically half shut lol:)


so what do you think?










if you do then be sure to read the next few will find out why this happened.


dont kill me omg


My favourite part of this whole chapter was the last line which Justin said..idk I just have feels for that lol:)


Don't kill me:/



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