The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


2. Promise


I watched as Austin pulled out a little velvet box.


Woah woah woah...


He looked up at me and chuckled. ''Don't's not what you think..''


I secretly sighed in relief and focused back on the small box placed in his sweaty palms. 



He opened up the box to reveal a small shiny silver band ring. 


It looked so plain,but so beautiful...yet,familiar. 


''I brought you a promise ring to promise that you'll forever be mine.'' He smiled. 


I gasped as he slid it on my finger,something felt odd and I slid it off to see a small heart in the inside of the ring which had pinched the skin on my finger. 


This looks so familiar. 




''Yeah babe?'' 


''Um...where did you get this from?'' 


''Uh...a jewellers.'' He chuckled.




''No more butts,let's just finish up here and get back.'' He smiled. 





We were now back at the apartment as Austin had just dropped me off,I was feeling drowsy and somehow Taylor had disappeared with the babies. 


I was the only one in this apartment,it hasn't been like this since the night after I found out Justin had cheated. 



I was watching American Horror Story on Netflix as I absent-mindedly scrolled through my Facebook timeline. 


A picture of someone's home-made chocolate and orange cookies came up and I instantly began to crave them.


I jumped up from the couch and shuffled into the small kitchen,hoping to find the right ingredients for make them. 


But unfortunately,we had none of the ingredients...not even eggs. 


I was heartbroken to say the least,those cookies would really cheer me up right now. 


Well I guess I'll have to go to the store if I'm really that dedicated to make these. 


I groaned in annoyance and walked out of the kitchen,I shut the lid of the laptop and turned off the TV before grabbing my phone and slipping it into my Jean pocket,I pulled on my dirty white converse and slipped my burgundy coloured Hollister jacket over my arms,instantly sighing in pleasure as the fur massaged my skin. 


I grabbed my set of keys and hung them around my index finger as I pulled open the door and stepped out into the slight breeze. 


It was only half 6 so it wasn't dark but the sky was gradually going a dark blue. 


I didn't want to be out when it's dark,alone. 


The last time I did that,bad things happened. 


I shook the thought out of my head and got into my red mini cooper. 


I smirked as my baby roared to life and before I knew it,I was heading towards the grocery store. 


I was so giddy and completely hyper about the cookies that I almost missed the turning,but with a quick U turn and a sharp left right I was on my way to the store. 




I sighed as I entered the baking isle..I scanned the ready made boxes and realised they had blueberry flavoured cookie mix to,I just had to get them. 


I grabbed 2 blueberry mix boxes and piled them into the basket before I began to hunt for the orange and chocolate flavour. 


Once I found them I rushed over to see there was only 1 box left,shit..I wanted to make multiple batches. 


Oh well I'll come back for more tomorrow if I'm not too lazy. 



I pulled the box out to see a little girl in the isle next door staring right back at me. 


Well that was awkward. 


''Sissy?'' She whispered. 


Wait...was that?-


''SISSY!'' Jazmyn shouted,disappearing from the small hole. 


Shit shit shit. 


the next thing I knew a small little girl came crashing into me,hugging my leg with looks like all her strength. 


Jazmyn looked so different,after nearly a year after seeing her,her hair was much longer and she lost some of her chubbiness in her face.


I looked down at her to realise she was wearing a tutu and a pair of ballet shoes. 


She must do ballet now,how cute. 


''Hey sweetie.'' I replied,picking her up and hugging her properly. 


I felt completely awful,seeing her only reminded me of the time when Justin and I visited her,I remember bringing her a toy and for the rest of the day she wouldn't leave me out of her sight,I may be wrong but the child was practically attached to me.


But all in all I missed her so fucking much,and of course Jaxon too. 


Who could forget my little dude...the one who would get jealous when Justin would hug or kiss me. 


Oh Justin...I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the memories of us. 


But it doesn't matter now,I have Austin and I'm sure he has Emily. 


''JAZMYN? JAZMYN!'' Someone called frantically,running into the isle with a cart. 


I looked over to see Pattie frantically looking around until her gaze caught with mine. 


My breath caught in my throat and I instantly felt tears well up in my eyes. 


I missed Pattie so much too. 


''T-Tori?'' She asked,walking quickly towards us.


That caused the young boy in the cart to snap his head around and I instantly knew it was Jaxon. 


His blonde shaggy hair and his adorable little face.


''TOWI'' He squealed,sitting up from inside the cart and trying to climb out. 


''JAZZY GET AWAY,MINE!'' He yelled,standing at the end of the cart and trying to reach for my jumper. 


But my eyes would not leave Patties. 


She just stared back,her eyes beginning to water. 


''Oh my gosh.'' She whispered. ''I-I haven't seen you since-'' 


''I know.'' I interrupted. 


''How are things?'' She replied,rushing forwards and hugging me,I let Jazzy get down and she rushed over to help Jax out the cart,dropping him gently to the floor. 


Pattie pulled away just as I felt small hands grab the corners of my jumper. 


I looked down to see Jaxon,I smiled and picked him up. ''Hey little guy,miss me?'' I whispered,a single tear sliding down my cheek. 


''I LOVE YOU!'' He yelled,grabbing my cheeks harshly and kissing my forehead. ''Mine,not biebs MINE'' He squealed,wrapping his arms around my neck and resting his head on my shoulder. 


I couldn't help but let a loud sob out at how much I missed these guys. 


''Awh honey why are you crying?'' Pattie asked,walking over and standing in front of me.


I put Jax on the floor and he ran off further down the isle to play with the big ball that was in their cart. 


''I've just-I've missed you guys so much!'' I cried,hugging Pattie once again. 


''Awh you too sweetie,but there's no need to cry,you'll smudge your beautiful make up.'' She laughed once I pulled away. 


I smiled weakly and wiped my tears away with the sleeve of my jacket. 


She quickly leaned forwards and picked up some cupcake cases before throwing them into the basket. '' are things with Justin?'' She asked. 


Wait....didn't she know?


I don't want to be the one to tell her this,it will only make me more upset,I haven't told anyone about him cheating..Austin told Taylor so I didn't have to,I'd end up crying if I tried. 


''W-We broke up.'' I whispered weakly. 


She gasped. ''Oh my gosh! what happened?'' 




I didn't want to lie to Pattie,she's like my second mom. 


''He-he Cheated on m-me.'' I whispered. 


Pattie stopped breathing,her eyes became huge and her mouth hung open. ''JUSTIN DREW!'' She yelled,grabbing something out of her pocket. 


I turned around for a split second to wipe my tears so she wouldn't see. 


''That boy...I swear!'' She muttered angrily,fiercely typing something into her phone. 


She suddenly lifted her phone up to her ear and bit on her nail anxiously. 


After a couple of seconds later a faint ''Mom?'' was heard and I instantly winced. 


I haven't heard his voice in so long,he sounded almost....broken? 


''JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!'' She hissed down the phone,pacing angrily. 




I don't think I've ever seen her so angry,she was turning bright red. 


''I'VE TAUGHT YOU BETTER THAN THIS!'' She screamed,you could probably hear it in a few isles if you listened closely enough. 


There was silence on the other side of the phone before Pattie spoke again. 




Oh no...why the fuck did she say that!?


''She is?'' Justin replied,his voice cracking slightly. 



I couldn't take this anymore,I grabbed my basket and rushed out of the isle,passing the littles on the way. 


''SISSY WHERE YOU GOING? COME PLAY WITH US.'' Jazzy yelled,following behind. 


''PLAY WITH US!'' Jaxon whined,using his little legs to try and catch up to me. 


I dropped my basket onto the floor and began to jog towards the exit,wanting nothing more to hibernate in my bed,or better yet...die. 


I felt heartbroken..why would Pattie tell him I was crying? Why did she call him?


Couldn't she wait until she got home? to save me the embarrassment?


I felt truly upset,and not even the cookies could cheer me up now. 


Once I reached the door and I walked out and rushed over to my car,wanting to drive back home as quick as possible.


I climbed into my car and revved the engine before I began to slowly back out of the space. 


Suddenly I hit the brakes as I realised Jazzy was stood behind the car looking scared stiff. I shut off the engine and climbed out,thanking god that I didn't hit her. 


Once I reached her she began to cry and I instantly brought her into my chest. ''Shh shh,I'm so sorry Jaz,I really am...shh baby,it's okay.'' I whispered,feeling a tear fall from my eye aswel. 


''Y-you nearly h-hit me!'' She sobbed,gripping harder onto my shirt. 


''I'm so sorry baby.'' I whispered. ''I didn't mean to,I didn't see you.'' 


I suddenly heard little footsteps and I looked over Jazzy's shoulder to see Jaxon running across the car park. 


He saw me and began running faster,I then noticed another car backing out,completely un-aware of the little boy running straight towards the back of the car. 


I quickly let go of Jazmyn and got up,sprinting over to Jaxon as the car began to reverse out faster. 


''JAXON!'' I yelled,running as fast as possible. 


''Sissy! don't leave!'' He yelled,stopping behind the car. 


He hadn't noticed,I sprinted forwards and grabbed him just as the car was a couple of inches away from him,I kept running pulling him to safety.


I pulled him tightly into my arms as he held onto me.


He was too young to know what was going on... 


I kissed his forehead. ''Jaxon you shouldn't of ran out like that.'' I whispered,not wanting to upset him. 


''I sorry..I just wanted to find you and Jazzy.'' He replied. 


''It's okay baby,just be careful next time.'' I replied setting him on the floor. 


He ran over to Jazmyn and pulled her into a hug as she was still crying. 


''Jazzy why you crying?'' He asked.


''Tori.'' She replied,ignoring her younger brothers plead. 


She got up and ran over to me,wrapping her arms around my neck. ''Thank you for getting to Jaxon,I don't want my little brother hurt.'' She sobbed. 


''Awhh Jazzy don't guys know I'd do anything for you,but right now..we need to find Pattie.'' I replied,rocking her back and forth as Jaxon sat on my lap. 


I kissed both of their cheeks and quickly grabbed the keys from my car,I locked the door and put them in my pocket before grabbing both of their hands. 




after 20 minutes of looking around the shop we finally found Pattie again,I took a deep breath. ''Pattie.'' I called. 


She turned around and sighed in relief,running over she pulled both of the kids into her arms. ''Don't you dare run off again,you hear me? Jazzy? Jaxon?'' She breathed. 


Jazzy began to cry harder and I leaned down and rubbed her back .''There there,cheer up Jazzy,were not mad at you.'' I whispered. 


She nodded her head and began to sniff uncontrollably.


Jaxon was still clung to Pattie,sucking his thumb as he stared up at me. 


''Sissy saved Jax from c-car.'' Jazzy sniffed,walking over to me and gripping my hand. 


Pattie then looked up at me. ''What?'' She asked,her breathing becoming erratic as panic flooded over her face. ''What car? w-what happened?'' 


''Jaxon was running over to me as a car was reversing,but I quickly ran over and got him out the way,no body god hurt.'' I replied,deciding to miss the part out about Jazmyn. 


''Oh my god.'' She grabbed Jaxon and  grabbed his cheeks. ''Are you okay?'' She asked him. 


He nodded his head and let go of her,running over to me and hugging my legs. ''Sissy is superman!'' He squealed. 


I smiled down at him,ruffling up his hair. 


''Tori...I don't know what to say.'' Pattie whispered,walking forwards. ''I would never understand why Justin would cheat on you..your beautiful,mature, put others before yourself..your caring and so sweet! it's beyond me to think why he would do such a thing..why would he just throw you away like that? but you know what? even if you guys are over..I still want to see you..and the kids definitely would...we all love you and we can't loose you over something like this,your like the daughter I never had.'' She smiled,a single tear running out of her eye.''I tell you what..Justin's lost a diamond amongst a pile of dirt...I seriously thought you were the one for my son..and if not,I hope you get the man of your dreams.'' She replied. ''I'll have a word with Justin,and I hope he's guilty for what he's done..'' 


Me too too. 





so alot happened in this chapter,tori ran into Pattie and Jazzy and Jax,Pattie found out about Justin cheating,and called him up...Jazzy nearly got ran over,and so did Jaxon..and now Pattie's going to have a word with Justin... 


like this chapter? tell me:)


Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3






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