The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


5. Over-Protective

_____________ overprotective


adjective:  over-protective

1. having a tendency to protect someone, especially a loved one, excessively.

"it may be that they are just being overprotective"


Tori's POV 


''Look.'' Austin replied firmly,pacing the room. ''I'm not here to hurt you'' 


I couldn't breathe...I was in hospital because of c*nt and he has the nerves to show up and lock the door?


''I came to tell you the real reason all of this happened.'' 


I couldn't let anything pass my lips,I was frozen in place. 


''I never meant to hurt you.'' Austin whispered,a single tear slipping his hazel eyes. 


I scoffed. ''Well you did a pretty good job at failing that then didn't you.'' I spat. 


He just looked at me before he finally began to speak. ''Listen...I was set up.'' 


''And so was I,I thought you were legit Austin.'' I cried,quickly wiping my tears with my sleeves showing him I was trying to remain strong. 


''I am-was...listen,This will be hard to take in..but Derek was apart of a gang..and so-...was I.'' He sighed. ''When Justin took down our boss we all agreed we'd kill him,but we never knew he had a we set out one night to kill him,you know that person running across your yard that one night when you and Justin were on the roof? that was me,I was assuming Justin was on his own so I waited for him to come out,but instead you did...I thought why not?I'll kill you aswel so there were no witnesses,but when Justin saw me he chased me away,he couldn't know who I was so I took off-''


''But that doesn't justify why you fucking raped me.'' I growled. 


''Listen-'' He hissed. ''I actually used to live back in Atlanta too...but I had to move out here when he got away. I called up some old friends like Emily who I used to date back when Justin liked her-''


''Wait what? y-you WHAT?!'' I screamed,sitting up straight in the bed but then regretting it when the wires tugged. 


''I did some research on who you were because I saw you with Justin 24/7,and I knew you weren't just a friend.We talked about various things and we all thought it would be a good idea to make him suffer,so we decided to plan some things out..Emily would bump into Justin at the carnival and you would walk away..that's when Hayden,another gang member would grab you and I'd come was the perfect solution. Justin basically played a part in this because when he hit you,I knew you were vulnerable,so I took that opportunity to get to know you,and I know you won't believe me when I say this...but I started to like you.'' 


I was positively wheezing from the information Austin was pouring out. This was too much to take in. 


''Knowing you went straight back to him after everything I did for you,I wanted to get him back for convincing you he was back to the old Justin,when he really wasn't. So I decided to mess with you guys alot..and my gang helped me out. Then one of my boys mentioned Emily and an idea sprung to my mind..'' He walked closer to me. ''I knew you recently lost your child and Justin was so angry,so that night when he walked out on you..he went to a bar-'' 


''P-Please.'' I whispered,wanting him to stop. 


''You will listen to everything I have to say.'' He demanded. 


I nodded,knowing there was a slight possibility he would do something if I refused. 


''I told Emily to get him drunk and then lead him back to your place,at this point I had snuck in and set up a video camera which was hidden,Emily kept feeding him drink whilst I was waiting for Emily to come back out so we could ditch before you came home. They fucked and I caught it all on tape,Emily grabbed the tape and ran out when Justin passed out.'' He smirked. ''He obviously couldn't remember shit from the night before so he obviously didn't feel guilty when you came home.'' 


I didn't want  to hear any more,but I knew he wouldn't stop until he was satisfied with me knowing the whole story. 


''Then that day we went to watch a movie back at your place,I snuck the cctv dvd into the movie case and waited for you to pick it...this whole thing was set up.'' He whispered. 


''W-What? you didn't- you couldn't have.'' I cried,trying desperately to get out of the bed to find Justin. 


''Poor old Justin was set up.'' He chuckled. ''You have me to thank for that.''


I tried to grab at him. 


I wanted to beat the shit out him....


''But here's where things fucked up...I knew you and Justin would break so that's when I came in..comforting you and all that bullshit,for about 2 months I felt that our relationship was bullshit,but then I realised how lucky I was to have you..and you could say that I slowly caught feelings for you.'' 


''Then the night of the party rolled around'' He laughed bitterly. 


I wiped the tears with the back of my hands,I wasn't going to show him how truly upset I was.


''The night of the party I was going to drug you and maybe rape you..but Mike beat me too it..and he had more intentions of killing you straight after..I knew without a doubt he would end your life so I barged in and told him I would do the honours. He told me to kill you and that pushed me over the edge so I killed him,and Justin walked in..saving the day once again.'' He growled. ''I saved your life Tori...would you rather get raped by your boyfriend...or raped and killed eh?''


''I-I trusted you.'' 


''Well you shouldn't of...not everyone will stay true to you Tori...your hated by many right now.'' He chuckled.


Before I could reply a loud bang vibrated through the doors leaving it hanging off it's hinges. 


''I should of known you would return you fucker.'' Justin seethed,venom practically dripping from his teeth. ''You sure have guts to come near us again.'' He laughed bitterly,pulling something out of his pocket in a swift motion. 


''I was telling her the truth about everything,put your dick back in your pants...Jesus.'' Austin laughed,clearly not phased by Justin's words.


''So she know's I didn't cheat on her? that I was under the influence of alcohol which was practically forced down my mouth by that skank?'' Justin asked,slowly looking over to me. 


I couldn't face this right now,I just wanted to curl up into a ball and die. 


''Yep...I told her everything...I had to tell her she would of been be dead if It wasn't for me.'' 


''Wasn't for you?'' Justin laughed bitterly. ''If it wasn't for you she wouldn't of been in this fucking hospital for a whole week getting blood transfusions you fucking ass-hole.'' Justin growled,walking over to Austin slowly. 


His eyes became dark and if looks could kill..Austin would be dead. 


''Listen man...I'm sorry for all this..I hope this will all blow over in a month or so.'' Austin replied,readjusting his jacket. 


Oh no,what Austin just stated really lit a fire in Justin's eyes,I knew he was about to pounce on Austin,but you know the best part? I'm gonna sit here and watch it happen. 


''I have the right mind to beat you to a pulp.'' Justin growled,pinning Austin against the wall. ''But I'm just going to let Karma take it's course and fuck you over.'' 


Austin pushed Justin back and smiled over to me. ''I'll call you later yeah?'' He asked sweetly. 


Hold up..he thinks I'm going to speak to him after all the shit he's put me through? 


''Have you not seen the fucking scars you've left me with?'' I growled,using all the strength in my weak voice. ''I will never....ever associate myself with you again Austin.'' I whispered,a tear slowly rolling down my cheek.


''You know what I don't get? how you've been raped twice and Justin still shows up claiming he's going to kick our asses.'' 


''You know the difference between you and Justin,eh Austin?'' 


Austin merely gave me an evil glare. 


''The difference is that Justin's the one saving me from these attacks...while your one of the bastards who committed them.'' And with that I pressed the red button on the side of my bed. 


A Doctor came rushing in and immediately asked me what was wrong. ''Get him out..he was the boy who did this to me..get him away from me.'' 


And with that the Doctor ushered Austin out the room,kicking him out the hospital entirely. 


Justin let out a breath and turned around..staring at me intently. ''Are you okay?'' He asked quietly. 


I shook my head as tears sprung to my eyes.


And in seconds,I was huddled in Justin's embrace,something I missed so much,too much in fact. 


''My brave girl''




That last line gave me the feels of the feels of the ultimate feels. 


So now you've found out why all this bullshit went was really badly explained though.


I'm sorry lol,It's a friday night and I'm just buzzed so I was too unfocused to write a decent chapter..


but the part I love is the last line...I LOVE HWIHEWHRHEEHREEKE YAS JUSTIN.




I'm done.


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