The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


13. Mindless Meditation


Hello my lovely shawty's (haven't said that in a while lmaoo) Im so sorry for the lack of updates i just haven't had any inspiration for this chapter but after hard thinking and thousands of smoothies later,I'm ready to write this chapter. 


This chapter is dedicated to these three girls: Hearts4life<3 (my american bestie,always there for me and always making me laugh to the point of choking,she's recently quit movellas and I think that is the worst decision possible,not only me but thousands of people loved her work and for her just to delete it is a bad mistake,but i'll support her in what she does,just don't be surprised if I turn up at your door with a crate full of fat watermelons ready to catapult at your head;) love you gurlllll:*) Love_Kidrauhl (I'd just like to say thank you so much for all of your kind comments and support throughout this series,you make me feel so much better when I read your comments and you put up with my bullshit,thank you for being such an amazing reader,I love you:).) and finally biebers_boo (for always making me laugh with her comments,she's so funny guys:') ily)


so there are the dedications so let this chapter begin!!


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Justin's POV:


I frowned,shutting the car door as I looked at my surroundings. 


We were in the middle of nowhere?


I turned to Tori and she laughed,taking my hand in hers before she pulled me forwards. 


''I know the first impression isn't good..but it's the best one in the country.'' Tori stated,dragging our shared suitcase through the front door. 


''Yeah...but what is it?'' I asked,looking around to try and find any clues to where Tori had actually brought my ass. 


''There's a sign right there.'' She chuckled,pointing straight ahead.


I followed her glance and set my eyes upon the huge sign. ''Were at a meditation camp?'' I asked in disbelief,darting my eyes over to Tori who was contently smiling at another boy. 


I instantly grew jealous as he sent her a small wave.


He had floppy brown hair that hung over his green eyes,he was tall and looked well built. 


I watched in anger as Tori adventured off towards him,I followed shortly after...I was gonna make sure he knew who I was. 


''Hey,do you know where the front desk is?'' Tori asked shyly,looking up through her eyelashes at this boy. 


''I sure do.'' He chuckled. ''It's hard to find around here,but it's just down here..want me to show you?'' He asked,glancing at me then back at Tori. 


''Were fine.'' I shot,cutting Tori off before she could reply. 


They both turned to me. ''Okay,well I'm Arland...I'll see you later-''


''Tori.'' She replied,sounding pretty irritated for some reason. 


''Okay Tori..see you later.'' He smiled,before he walked off. 


I rolled my eyes at how fake he was being,this nugget sounded like he liked nothing more than nature and animal planet..


''He's so fake.'' I mumbled,grabbing the suitcase and wheeling it in the direction he told us to go. 


Tori scoffed,catching up with me before falling into pace with my steps. ''You say that about every boy I look at.'' She spat,snatching the suitcase out my hand and wheeling it away,picking up pace so I would fall behind her. ''Sure,whatever...but I have a reason to.'' I replied firmly. 


She turned around and looked at me,her eyebrow raised slightly. ''And that reason is?'' 


''Because your mine.'' I stated,walking forward slightly. ''Which means I have every right to hate any other guy that looks at you..,all of that.'' I replied,running my eyes down her body. ''Is mine.''



Tori's POV:


''Welcome to Mindless Meditation,the place for true relaxation.'' A young man grinned,passing out yoga mats to me and Justin. 


Justin ripped the mat off the man and placed it between his legs before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette,he pulled out the lighter and went to light it,but within seconds it was ripped out his hands and put into a basket. 


''What the fuck!?'' Justin growled,trying to reach for it back,but in the process the cig box fell out his jumper pocket and onto the floor. 


The man crouched down and also placed it into the basket. ''No smoking.'' He scolded,placing the basket on the counter. 


'' I am going to ask you guys to open your case and take out everything that contributes to our rules here.'' He stated,pointing to a wall which listed about 30 rules. 


Justin scoffed and leaned against the wall. ''Best place in the country my ass.'' 


I turned around and hit his shoulder. ''Shut up Justin.''I warned. ''If you embarrass me I swear I will not talk to you.'' I growled. 


Justin rolled his eyes and I just ignored him,placing the case on the counter. 


The man then stood over the case and helped me sort through the things we weren't aloud to take into this place. 


He instantly pulled out about 10 items at once and put them in the same basket. 


Justin's POV: 


This is complete bullshit. 


''Done.'' The man replied,handing back the open case. 


I stepped forwards and looked inside,only to see about 4 items of clothing. 


I began to laugh. ''Bro,your not serious right?'' 


''I'm sorry,but these are the only things that don't violate the rules.'' 


I looked back into the suitcase. ''So your saying her underware violates the rules?'' 


''Thongs and sexy underware aren't aloud beyond this point,it encourages sexual activities which is  also forbidden here.'' 


''So your saying no sex is aloud.'' I laughed in disbelief. 


''That's exactly what I'm saying.'' 


''What the fuck.'' I laughed. ''You sure it isn't because old men like you could walk around  getting random boners and a sexual urge to fuck my girlfriend and other young girls? is that the reason these rules are enforced?'' I growled,marching forwards and pushing him back. ''Or are you just taking them so you can sniff them and act like a fucking pervert.'' I seethed,grabbing him by the neck. 


''JUSTIN.'' Tori growled,running forward and prying me off the man. ''what the fuck did I say back there? huh? didn't I tell you to behave? we haven't been here even half an hour and your already being a massive c*nt!''


''Strike 1.'' The man coughed,rubbing his throat as he looked at me and then Tori. 


''What?'' Tori asked. ''I said strike 1,you have 3 strikes before your out.'' He replied before walking past us. ''Now if you excuse me,I need to instruct my next meditation class...Arland here will show you guys to your room.'' He spat bitterly,before trudging off in a different direction. 


I growled at the name of that boy. ''What sorta name is that anyways...sounds like his parents were retards and couldn't pronounce Ireland so they just named there child that.'' I laughed bitterly. 


'' name means promise,and my parents aren't retards...they're actually extremely strong human mom is a nurse for injured soldiers and my dad fights for our country..they gave me that name as a promise that when the war is over,they will come and find me,I live with my adoptive parents,I was 4 months old when my parent's left and I was sent into an adoption don't you dare call my parents retards,because they might be the reason that your even here right now...any of us.'' Arland growled,advancing on me as his eyes began to water. 


''Oh my god,I'm so so sorry Arland...I don't know why he's being like this.'' 


''You know full well why I'm acting like this!'' I spat,snapping my head towards Tori. ''He likes the look of you,'' I turned back to him. ''But guess what buddy? she's already taken.''


''And by you I presume?'' He scoffed. ''Sweetie,you can do so much better...he's an insensitive asshole.''


''I know...I'm so sorry Arland,he's just had a lot on his mind at the moment..he's not thinking straight.'' 


I laughed. ''Oh fuck off Tori,I'm just sick of assholes hitting on wasn't okay a year ago,it certainly isn't okay now.'' 


''Justin! do you know how selfish you sound? of course there are gonna be boys hitting on me...but there are also going to be plenty of girls hitting on you,I don't get jealous...I don't get diffensive...I let it happen...because were not dating..I have no right to be jealous.'' 


''But that's where it's different...I love you..that's much stronger than liking someone..therefore my jealousy runs higher...I saw Austin steal your heart,I'm not letting that happen again...I can't loose you to another boy,were perfect for each other.'' I whispered,walking over to her and entwining our fingers.


At this point that Ireland kid had ran off,probably to hit on another girl,so it was just me and Tori. 


''Justin,Austin never stole my had it the whole time,but it just took you a while to realise and act upon were-are my first love,like you said..once you fall in love it's easy to fall out of lt..but I know that's not what has happened here,its taken me a while to realise it but I don't want to loose you,I have a soft spot for you Justin.'' 


And without another thought crossing our minds,I leaned in and kissed her. 

But the difference is this was more passionate than the first...because I knew right then and there,that Tori Brooks hadn't given up on us. 



short chapter and if I'm honest I don't like this chapter...


but it's just a filler alright? 


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