The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


16. Meet the gang


Justin's POV:


I took a long needed breath before I shut off the engine,Tori sat beside me rubbing her palms together nervously. 


''Don't worry baby,everything's going to be okay.'' I reassured her,leaning over and brushing her stray hairs out of her pretty little face. 


She looked at me and sighed. ''I thought we got away from this mess...why does it keep coming back?''


''I wish we could just live somewhat normally...but we can't,and I'm sorry I dragged you into my fucked up life.'' I muttered,running my sweaty hand through my hair.


I felt so selfish dragging her into this,but I just simply couldn't let her walk out my life again.


I felt her soft hands land on my wrist and I instantly calmed down. ''Hey,If it means being with you..then I'll deal with it.'' 


I looked at her and smiled,she was so perfect.


Tori's POV:


After a couple of minutes of silently listening to the radio..Justin spoke.


''I guess we should go in now...there all waiting for me.'' He sighed,rubbing his eyes with the back of his fist. 


''Don't do'll hurt your eyes.'' 


Justin chuckled and leaned over,kissing my cheek softly. ''You're so sweet caring for me,but right now we should be in there listening to what those assholes have to say.'' 


I giggled at that and nodded my head nervously. ''Okay.'' 


And with that Justin got out the car,opened the door for me and gripped my hand in his,giving it a reassuring squeeze. ''I'm right here..don't be scared.'' He reminded me.


I nodded and entered the deserted run-down building,hand in hand with Justin.


Suddenly Justin began to quicken his pace,leaving me jogging behind him to catch up. 


The sound of laughing and speaking filled my ears as we rounded the hallway and stood face to face with a steel door. 


Justin let go of my hand and pimped his collar before kicking open the door.I jumped slightly as the door swung open and slammed against the wall after,instantly catching everyone's attention in the room. 


He walked in and clicked his fingers behind him indicating that I should follow him. 


I wasn't happy about that..I'm not a dog,but I decided to drop it..maybe he was just nervous.


Almost instantly everyone got up and stood quiet,watching Justin's every move. 


One young boy hurriedly walked over and placed a bottle of whiskey infront of Justin's place at the conference table,and took his jacket with the other. 


Justin sat down and slouched in his chair,ruffling his hair as he sighed,he then looked up and snorted. ''Well sit down then,you fuckers.'' 


And everyone took a seat in their assigned chairs,not one spare seat for me. I didn't want to stand up and attract attention so I just sat on the floor against the wall and wrapped my arms around my shaking knees...why was I scared?these guys wouldn't hurt me right?. 


I had noticed that all of them were wearing leather jackets with a symbol embroidered onto the back,they all had tattoo's on their shoulder,much like Justin's aswell..this thing must be serious-


Wait...Justin has a tattoo?!

I made a mental note to ask him about that later..think I wouldn't find out..think again Bieber.


''So someone tell me what happened.'' He sighed,pouring himself a beverage. 


The boys one by one noticed me sat on the floor and furrowed their brows. ''J-Justin..who's that?'' Someone stuttered,pointing to me wearily. 


Justin turned around and grinned at me,motioning for me to come over. 


I got up and slowly walked over and stood by Justin's chair,smiling at some of the boys who I made eye contact with.


''This is my beautiful princess,Tori...Tori meet the boys.'' 


They all smiled and one particular boy saluted,in an extremely cute way..I giggled causing Justin to frown. ''Calum..can you not flirt with her?!'' Justin chuckled,grabbing the bottle top and throwing it in his direction. 


Calum smirked. ''Sorry,you're lucky though Justin...she's beautiful.'' He replied,glancing at me before smirking once more. 


Justin nodded his head,turning to me and grabbing my waist. ''Yeah,but she's all eyes off.'' Justin reminded. 


He then turned to another boy and clicked his fingers in his face. ''Tyler get my girl a chair.'' 


And with that Tyler got up and went in search to find me a chair.


Meanwhile Justin introduced all the other boys to me.''Ok starting on my left..that's to him is Brandon,then there's Cody his twin brother is Calum..We have Kian Opposite..then we have Matt,then there's Nathan and Bradley and we have one more but he's on a business meeting at the moment in New York.'' Justin muttered. 


Just in time Tyler came back,holding a chair for me...he put it down in front of me and stood behind it,I sat and he then moved the chair in. ''There ya' go princess.'' He smiled,walking to go sit back in his seat. 


Justin then sat up and ran his finger around the rim of his glass. ''So...I hear from Calum this morning that there's a gang closing in on us...and it happens to be my brothers.'' 


The heavy beating hearts of the boys were heard loud and clear as Justin clenched and unclenched his draw. 


''Would one of you fucks like to tell me why?'' He spat,slamming his fist into the table,causing the pot of flowers in the middle to fall over. 


Justin scanned the room,before he set his eyes on Nathan. ''You...tell me what happened.'' 


Nathan gulped before he slowly leaned forwards. ''Um...well,Me and Bradley were...we were at the airport the other day,taking my little sister there so she could-'' 


''Spit it out!'' Justin growled,getting more and more impatient by the second. 


''And we saw two of the gang members coming out of one of the terminals..we followed them outside and overheard them on the phone talking about having the rest of the gang come down here to 'fuck them up' quote on quote..'' 


''Fuck......FUCK.'' Justin growled,flinging the glass across the room,it hit the wall with force and instantly little shards of glass flew everywhere.


''B-But we don't know when there coming...'' 


''Exactly...they could come at any fucking time...and we wouldn't be prepared.'' 


''Maybe we should make a routine...maybe we go out together in pairs...never alone..''


Justin smiled. ''Yeah...yeah,maybe that'll work...from now on you guys will go out in excuses.'' 


Everyone nodded vigorously,chatting amongst themselves. 


Suddenly a loud bang sounded through the warehouse,and in unison,all the boys gripped onto their handguns strapped into their belts. 


I gulped and bit my lip. 


Justin stood up and grabbed his gun,before motioning that some of the boys should follow. 


He jogged out the room,gun pointed straight ahead of him..4 of the boys following.


I began to panic,who was that knocking?


''J-Justin?'' I whispered,running over to the door. 


But I was pulled back and anchored into someone's chest. 


''You can't go out there Tori..if anything were to happen Justin always told me to protect I can't let you follow him.'' Tyler stated,walking me back over to a chair. 


I just hoped everything was okay..and that Derek's gang hadn't come sooner than planned.




Sorry for my absence..I've had no energy to update this past couple of weeks..

I'm truly sorry and I'm going to try to get back into the routine of updating again...


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