The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


11. I need you


Justin's POV:


I held in a breath as she opened the door. 


I would always catch myself startled by her beauty. 


She was absolutely gorgeous and I can proudly say she was mine. 


Was....I hate that..


It's like loosing a diamond amongst a pile of doesn't belong there. 


Like she doesn't belong here..she deserves the best,she should be treated like the princess she is..but all thanks to me I took her normal life and changed it into a roller-coaster. 


If I had the world in my hands I'd give it all to her...


She taught me to be careful with her heart,but I came along and completely broke it. 


Was there a way to mend it?


''Justin.'' She croaked. 


I hadn't realised she had opened the door and I was stood there gawking like a complete idiot with tears trailing down my cheeks. 


Before I could say anything I was being pulled into her apartment by the upper arm. 


She then walked over to the door and shut it before locking it. 


''What are you doing this late outside? there's a storm outside!'' She hissed just as a roar of thunder rumbled through the walls. 


I hadn't even noticed...


I looked down at my body to see my leather jacket,shirt and pants positively soaked,a whole puddles worth of water dripping from my clothes. 


''You'll get a horrible cold...lemme get you a towel.'' She murmured,walking away from me. 


I caught her wrist and turned her around. ''There's no need for that,I don't care anymore.'' I replied quite bitterly. 


''Justin..I'm not letting you get a cold.'' 


''Why do you care?'' 


She frowned and ran a hand through her hair. 


''You don't care one bit about me so leave it out.'' I hissed,ruffling my hand through my hair to try and let some of the water out. 


She stood there shocked,knowing I was full right. 


You see...after my mom told me her thoughts,she insisted on me coming straight over here..but I did a little thinking and I guess it took me 3 more hours to finally pluck up the courage to tell her..but somewhere on the way I had developed a feeling which I haven't really gotten before. 


And that was no was almost as if my feelings for Tori had banished off into the night,and I was left confused and angry. 


But instead of turning back I proceeded my journey and ended up on her doorstep,but with a bad attitude and an extreme case of the shivers. 


''I-I do care about you.'' She finally stated,you could tell she was upset at my outburst but at this moment in time...I didn't care. 


I wanted her to know what I was feeling right now and what she had done to me. 


''If you cared about me you wouldn't have left me.'' I spat bitterly. 


She sighed,shaking her head before she began to walk away. ''I'm not dealing with this right now?'' 


''So when are you gonna deal with this then?'' I laughed bitterly,following her. 


''Justin please just leave.'' 


''Do you know what it was like for me to walk into my dads house and get ignored by my baby sister because she had somehow found out that we weren't dating?'' I growled lowly. ''She took your side when I knew it wasn't my fault.'' 


''Justin stop.'' She breathed,turning around and pushing me back lightly. 


''! I wan't you to know what you put me through! this has been on my chest and I've bottled it up for so long. '' I growled,a single tear leaking from my eye. 


''You don't understand!'' She screamed,pushing me back forcefully. ''You don't think I've suffered too?'' 


I stood silent,how was she effected by this? 


''Every single fucking day I was stared at...called names and laughed at because my 'ex' had formed a drug addiction...some even confronted me and told me exactly how they felt about you,I suffered too.'' 


I laughed bitterly. ''I had worse have no idea.'' 


''Well elaborate then! because I'm pretty sure we have both been through hell and back these past 10 months!'' She growled. 


''I've been crowded by girls-''


She scoffed. ''Don't pretend like that bothered obviously fucking liked it.'' She chuckled bitterly. 


Before I could process what was going on gripped onto her forearms and pinned her against the wall. 


''Don't you dare.'' I growled,feeling my body rise in heat. 


She stood utterly gob smacked,afraid to move a muscle just in case I snapped her head off. 


I knew my eyes were no longer there normal chocolate brown. 


''Don't you dare.'' I repeated again. ''This whole fucking year has been hell for me...don't you dare say I enjoyed the female attention...I fucking hated it,and you know why?'' I growled,pressing her harder into the wall.


I was positively fuming. 


''Because I only have eyes for you,and that will never change.''


She gulped before her eyes began to water. 


''You have no right to cry right now.'' I laughed. ''I've been the one suffering,watching you love another boy while I sat there missing you more than ever.'' I snarled. ''I saw you with him,I fucking saw you...and you seemed happy,you looked fine....Whilst I was suffering,sad...and angry.'' 


''I was angry because I knew he would never love you as much as I did.'' I finished,resting my forehead on hers. 


''H-He loved me!'' She cried,trying to push me away.


I stood my ground. 


''But do you know what the difference is between me and him?'' 


She shook her head,closing her eyes trying to stop the tears. 


''I never stopped loving you.'' 


Her eyes suddenly flung open and she stared at me through her beautiful eyes. 


I continued. ''Your  my world,I swear.'' I took a deep breath. ''Your my pride and deserve the fucking world,babe.'' I shook my head,feeling myself get chocked up. ''But I know I couldn't give that to you.'' 


''I didn't want anything from you Justin...I just wanted your heart.'' She whispered. ''But things got complicated and my feelings started to change.'' 


That broke my heart. 


'My feelings started to change...' 


She doesn't love me anymore...


I hurled my fist towards the wall,my fist going right threw it. 


My hand was only centimetres away from her head.


''God dammit!'' I screamed,pushing away from her and pacing the room. ''Fuck!'' 


''I'm such a fucking idiot!!'' I growled,kicking a baby's toy across the room. ''Why am I such a fuck up? I lose everything....''








''Don't Tori...just don't.'' I hissed,sending her a glare as I continued to pace the room. 




''No! just shut the fuck up! you're only going to say something to make me more pissed.'' I hissed,pulling the pack of cigs out my jacket pocket only to find them completely soaked in water. ''FUCK!'' I growled,throwing them to the floor before I slammed my fist once again to the wall.


''Stop.'' She whispered,walking over and touching my arm. 


''Get the fuck away from me.'' I hissed,backing away from her. ''Your fucking with my feelings.''


Without another word I headed for the door. 


Finally reaching it I pulled it open and walked out. 


I hugged my jacked close to my chest as the cold breeze whirled around me. 


I automatically was refreshed with new buckets of rain as I continued to briskly walk down her yard. 


But before I could turn to walk down the path. 


 I was abruptly turned around with the force of someone's hand on my upper arm,revealing Tori stood there.


And that's when she kissed me.


Turning my knees weak at the feeling of having her lips on mine again.


No one could take this moment away from me....


She pulled me closer by my jacket and deepened the kiss,sending me spiralling down the road of complete happiness. 


And all to soon she pulled away,resting her forehead on mine. 


She smiled and looked into my eyes. ''You talk way to much.'' She giggled,gripping my jacket tighter in her palms. 


I smiled and shook my head,I had no words at the moment,I just wanted to treasure the moment. 



''Tori.'' I finally spoke,after moments of hearing her heavy breathing and constant sniffles. ''I need you more than anyone else on this planet could possibly ever need you. I need you to take care of me,to put up with me,and most of all I need you to love me,cause' I love much.'' I whispered,looking into her glazed pools of sadness.


And suddenly she began to chuckle,which then turned into hysterical laughter. 


And I had no idea why. 


''Did you- Did you just quote the Simpsons?'' She laughed,chuckling once she calmed down,sort of. 


I instantly felt my cheeks turn red and I began to scratch my head,looking down in embarrassment.''I uh...I um.'' I murmured,looking at anything but her. 


But suddenly I felt her lean up and kiss my lips catching me off guard. ''You idiot.'' She giggled,reaching up and ruffling my hair. 


I smiled down at her and leaned my forehead against hers. ''I love you.'' I reminded. ''Don't you forget that ok?'' 


She nodded her head before she kissed my lips again. ''Now lets get in side and think of ways you can make it up to me for fucking that Emily girl behind my back.'' I smirked,raising an eyebrow as she knew this would get to me. 


I rolled my eyes. ''You know I was set up...I wouldn't intentionally hurt you.''


''But you left it for Austin to tell me you made a mistake.'' 


''I didn't even know I had done that..I would have told you the minute I remembered...watching that was like watching someone didn't feel like it was me! it was all new to me.'' 


She rolled her eyes,pulling me back into the house. ''I just have one question.'' She whispered,twisting her palms as she looked at the ground biting her lip. 


I waited for her to continue. 


''Who fucked you better?'' She finally answered,making me choke on my own spit. 


I maintained my posture and frowned. ''I was drunk and didn't remember shit with her.'' I replied. 


She rolled her eyes. ''Do you not remember you lost your virginity to her?'' She sighed. 


''Oh....yeah,I forgot.'' I replied,laughing slightly. 


''Well then?'' 


I thought about it before I smirked. ''Her.'' 


She coughed before she pushed me away from her. ''Okay bye.'' She replied,opening the door. 


I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her waist,pressing my chest up against her back. ''Just know nobody could pleasure me better than you.'' I whispered seductively,kissing her neck once. 


She giggled and pushed me away. 


''Alright lover boy...this still doesn't mean your off the hook.'' She smirked,crossing her arms as she stood in front of the couch.


''Awh man.'' I muttered under my breath. ''Alright what have I gotta do?'' 


''Oh um-'' She coughed,looking away from me. ''You have to babysit the babies tomorrow night because I've made plans...alright BYE!'' She yelled,running off somewhere in the apartment before a door slammed shut. 


I rolled my eyes. ''This girl is too much.'' I laughed,walking off after her. 


But I wouldn't have it any other way...



I don't know about you but I absolutely loved this was cute as hell...and it looks like Jori is back:)


but how long will it last;)


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