The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


6. Changed


Tori's POV:


1 day later.

I wanted to cry...

Taylor had gone off god knows where so I was stuck with Justin to take me home. 

I didn't want to be around him...I felt so damn scared that I was going to give into him. 

''Babe,are you okay?'' Justin asked,stopping my trail of thoughts. 

We were currently in the car driving back to Mine and Taylor's apartment.

Justin had given me his phone to call Taylor to see where she disappeared to.

These past 2 days she's been on a date with some dude who she met a couple of weeks back.

I completely forgot about it so being the bad friend I am,I had a bitch session to myself over where she went. 


''Why are you calling me that?'' I finally replied,looking over to Justin.


He glanced over to me before looking back at the road. ''S-Sorry...force habit.'' 


''But I haven't seen you in months..surely you've gotten over me.'' I spat,finding this whole conversation irritating. 


''I'll never get over you.'' He whispered,leaning over and trying to find my hand.


I snatched my hand out of his grasp and looked out the window. ''Of course you will.'' 


''how the fuck would you know? you started dating that cunt almost a week after we broke?!'' Justin growled,his knuckles going white on the steering wheel.


''Justin I never got over you...Austin just made me forget.'' 


''Forget about all the good memories we shared? about how much I fucking loved you?'' 


''No...about what you did,he was there when no one else was...sure Taylor was there,but I wanted to be held....she couldn't do that.'' 


''So you wanted male attention..huh?'' 


''No..I just-'' 


''That's such a slut know that I heard about how you kissed him the same night it happened?'' He murmured,stealing a glance from me.


I shook my head,feeling tears spring to my eyes. ''I don't get you.'' I stated,my voice nothing but shaky. 


He laughed bitterly. ''What is there not to get Tori? I fucking loved- I still love you!''He growled,speeding up on the road.


I gasped,gripping my seatbelt in my palms. ''S-Slow down.'' 


''I would do anything for you!'' He yelled,pulling the gear into 4 and pulling into the fast lane on the highway.


''JUSTIN!'' I screamed,he wasn't stopping for anyone and I was scared for the outcome. 


''I WAS LOST WITHOUT YOU...I WAS ALONE THESE PAST MONTHS WHILE YOU HAD HIM! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!'' He screamed,punching the middle of the steering wheel,causing a 'honk' to erupt from the car scaring me half to death. 


The car in front began to slow down nearly causing Justin to smash right into the back

He pressed the breaks instantly,causing me to fling forwards and hit my head on the window.

''MOTHER FUCKER!'' Justin growled,beeping his horn more than once and flipping off the guy in the car in front. 


I had to hold in my tears,my head hurt so much.


I don't know why my seatbelt didn't keep me back...did he break too fast that the reflex wasn't that strong?


The car in front did the same back out the open window and that immediately set Justin off.


The car pulled into a lay by and the guy quickly got out of the car,Justin did the same,parking the car behind. 


I looked at him in desperation. ''Justin please.'' 


But he merely ignored me. ''Stay in the fucking car.'' 


And with that he grabbed something from the glove compartment shielding it from my eyes. 


He looked back at me before he shut the door and approached the man,who was still sat in the front. 


Justin marched over and slammed his fist on the car hood. ''GET THE FUCK OUT.'' He growled,rattling the handle. 


The man merely scooted away from the window where Justin was tapping on. 




The man merely grabbed something out the glove compartment and held it up at Justin's face. 


Justin punched the window,shattering the glass before he grabbed the weapon out the man's grasp and threw it into the road,instantly getting run over by a truck. 


''Not so fucking hard now are we.'' Justin chuckled,opening the door from the inside and dragging him out. 


''Putting that gun in my face was a bad Idea buddy.'' Justin chuckled menacingly before he pulled something out the waste band of his black skinny jeans. 


My eyes locked onto the pistol gripped firmly in Justin's grip,I felt sick. 


Where did he get this from? How long did he have it? and Why did he have it?


''P-Please man....J-Justin...don't.'' The boy on the floor stuttered.


How did he know his name?


''You know better than to mess with me...So I'll teach you a come near me again and I'll kill your pathetic ass.'' Justin murmured,twisting the gun around his index finger. 


I needed to get out of here.


But before I could,the boy on the floor got up and tried to climb back into the car,he was shaking. 


Justin aimed the gun at his leg when he wasn't looking and I screamed. 


Justin's pointed the gun in my direction and shot,the bullet going straight through the glass a couple of centimetres away from my head. 


I screamed,throwing my seatbelt off and climbing across the seat,I opened the door and stumbled out,running in any direction I could.


''Oh my god.'' Justin breathed.


In that short space of a couple of seconds the man had sped off down the road leaving Justin stood there shocked.


I was scared...if his reaction to a loud noise was to shoot then that's it...he nearly shot me in the head. 


I continued to run,ignoring the indescribable pain in my hip from where the stitched up gash rubbed against my jeans.


''TORI!'' Justin shouted,running after me. 


''STAY AWAY FROM ME!'' I cried,trying to run out into the middle of the road so someone would at least pick me up.


Justin was enclosing on me so I ran faster. 


''I'M SORRY!'' Justin screamed,shoving the gun back in his waistband.


I was now in the middle of the road when a piercing scream stopped me in my tracks. 


I looked to the side of me to see a huge pick up truck soaring down the road towards me. 


I tried to run but my feet were glued to the floor.


I watched as it became closer,but in seconds I was thrown to the floor as the truck passed by,the loud horn following.


My breathing was erratic and I couldn't open my eyes,I was too shocked to see my state. 


My legs were numb and hurt so bad. 


I slowly opened my eyes when breathing tickled my ear. 


Justin was lying on top of me,pinning me to the floor on the side of the road. 


His whole weight on my legs. 


''Baby.'' Justin whispered. 


I tried to get up but he pinned me harder to the floor. 


''Let me go!'' I screamed,tears pouring out my eyes.


I finally wriggled out from underneath him and began to crawl away as my feet were still numb. 


''W-Where are you going to go?'' Justin asked,out of breath. 


I stopped in my tracks and glanced behind me to see Justin staring right back. 


''The next sign of a car is miles away.'' 


And with that I broke down,letting out all the different emotions I experienced in the past couple of minutes. 


I felt weak,hopeless..scared.


Justin nearly killed me,I nearly killed myself. 


Before I could even think about anything else Justin crawled up to me and pulled be back into his lap as I continued to sob. 


''Sh shh...I'm so sorry princess..I-I didn't mean to.'' 


''Y-You almost killed me!'' I whimpered,fighting desperately to climb out of his embrace.


''I'm so sorry.'' He whispered.


''That doesn't mean shit! you let him go so why were you going to shoot him!'' I cried,hitting his chest repetitively. 


''I had to teach him a lesson some how!''




Justin didn't say anything,he just desperately tried to wipe my tears. 


''Get the fuck off me!'' I growled. ''Why do you even have possession of a gun?'' 


Justin shook his head,silently wishing I didn't speak. 


''Y-You don't understand.'' He finally replied.


''Your right...I don't,so please elaborate.'' I hissed,finally getting free of his grip. 



''It's not mine.'' 


''So is that why you had the exact gun back when we cleared out my house back in Atlanta huh? you wouldn't keep someone else's gun for that long.'' 


Justin shook his head before he got up. ''Were leaving.'' 


''I'm not going anywhere with you...'' 


''Fine...then I'll have to do this.'' Justin replied,turning around and pulling his gun out..and before I could comprehend what he was doing,a bulled was sent hurtling through the air,penetrating the skin on my right hip. 


The blow was so powerful it knocked me over. 


Justin walked over and stood above me. ''If I can't have you no one can.'' He replied,before he held the gun above my head and pulled the trigger.





I shot up,immediately taking in my surroundings.


I was in the car with Justin and he was singing along to ordinary people john legend.


My heart was thumping so hard and I suddenly had the urge to look in the glove compartment.


And I suddenly lurched forwards,rummaging through the compartment as Justin's hands desperately tried to pull me back.


But I already had it in my hand...a large pistol. 


I slowly looked over at Justin as he desperately shook his head. 


''I can explain.'' 




such a bad chapter but I'm supposed to be doing my homework but instead I wrote this and snapchatted people.


So it was my 15th on Sunday..I had a great day,thank you Tori for the birthday dedication:*


and I was in Liverpool for a couple of days so I had no time to update as I visited the fucking arena where Justin performed...don't piss me off I was so angry. 


but I kept walking forward a couple of steps and being like 'do you think Justin's stood here' lmao I'm not obsessed or anything(;


sorry about this chapter..maybe a update on a story soon...dunno when:p



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