The Nerd 2

It's been 9 agonising months since Tori set her eyes on that heart breaking tape of Justin cheating,9 months since she left without an explanation.

Justin is no longer an important person in her life,but that doesn't mean she's still not over him...but that can all change when an unfortunate accident leaves her wondering if he really cares,and after everything she's been through,she want's an explanation on why he cheated,and most importantly who was the heartless idiot who recorded it,and why were they out to ruin Justin and Tori's lives.

This book is filled with heartbreak and trust issues.

You may think that Justin and Tori's relationship was perfect,but secrets hide underneath the truth...are you ready to discover them?

Original work of Shawtyyymane_


1. Blast from the past


Authors note: Hello there beautiful this is the sequel to 'The Nerd'...I have been thinking about making a trailer for the first book but I don't have the right clips for'm going to be doing a competition...if your interested in making me a trailer for my book and it's the best i've seen..then it will be the official trailer and you will also be a vital character in the last book...if you do not know how to make a trailer then I will show you what software to use which I've been using,but if you find the clips to suit the plot and I love it then you'll be a character in the last book!


So if you are interested,ever dm me on twitter : 13iebur Kik: Shawtyyymane or just comment below and I will see your comment and private message you some how!


so...without further or do I would like to present to you the first chapter of the sequel! tell me what you think in the comments and make sure to favourite and love this!


*9 months later*


Tori's POV:


Do you know what its like to be cheated your house,in your bed?


If so..then you will know how heartbroken it can leave you. 


If not...then you are one lucky fucker..and I wish you the best. 


I never thought in a million years that Justin...the shy innocent boy who was afraid to touch me would go behind my back and touch someone else. 


I suppose you could say I'm not over it..but I want to believe that I am. 


It's been 9 whole months with no contact with him.


I deleted his number and pushed him out of my life..the way it should be. 


And the best part? I have no regret in doing so,he deserved every thing he got. 


I heard he's on drugs...people had the suspicion as he always walked around with red blood shot eyes. 


He's become a state,I'm so glad I've seen the real thing now..who knows what might have happened if I stayed with him. 


That makes me feel sick,Being with him makes me feel sick. 


I can't deny that I loved him so fucking much,but I just hope he's happy with that Emily bitch. 


Scratch that,I hope he's miserable,I couldn't give a fuck about his feelings after he completely fucked mine up.


I was currently doing my make-up in the full body mirror when I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist. 


''Hey baby.''


I turned around to see Austin grinning down at me,showcasing his toothy,but cute smile.


My heart instantly began to beat faster and I looked down towards my shoes. ''Hey.'' I replied timidly.


The small things he does always gets my heart going. 


''You're looking beautiful as always.'' He replied,turning me back around and looking into the mirror,wrapping his arms back around my waist before resting his head on my shoulder. 


I smiled at his reflection and placed my small hands over his. 


''Thank you.'' I giggled,kissing his cheek. 


''Hey,you ready?'' He asked again. 


''Um..I'll meet you downstairs,my closets a mess and clothes are everywhere.'' I replied,pulling away from him and walking into my closet. 


''Okay..I'll be waiting.'' He chuckled,leaving the room and descending the stairs.


I sighed and walked into the closet,picking up various clothing items which had fallen when I was trying to find a pretty outfit for mine and Austin's date tonight. 


There was a huge pile of colourful clothes and I had found myself picking up a huge pink fuzzy item as it caught my eye. 


Once it unravelled I had noticed that it was my Dinosaur onesie.


A lump formed in my throat as Justin's face made it's self into my brain. 


He had a matching green one. 


I thought to myself 'Why did I still have this piece of junk? surely it didn't slip past my eyes when I was packing my things to move in with Taylor and the twins?' 


I hissed when I felt a salty substance leak onto my cheek.


I was crying...but why?


I thought I was over him...why is it that every time I see something that reminds me of him,I start to cry?


Um maybe because you truly still care about him...


He hurt me..why should I care about his ass? he completely broke me.


Love doesn't just vanish when something goes wrong,it takes forever to get over the feeling of being in love. 


b-but I think I love Austin... still love Justin.


I shook my head at the thought of still caring about Justin and I threw the onesie into a box.


I quickly hung up all the miscellaneous clothes and got up from my crouching position,I walked out and shut the closet door before I grabbed my purse and went downstairs.


I smiled once I saw Taylor and her 9 month old babies curled up on the couch watching baby programmes. 


The sight was beautiful. 


Suddenly Shayla caught sight of my appearance and started to squeal,crawling across the couch to try and get to me.


I ran forward as she was dangerously close to the edge of the couch,I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms. 


''Hey there baby.'' I giggled as she wrapped her small arms around my neck.


She was so gorgeous,she looked so much like Taylor but had the eyes of Derek. 


Her skin was tanned just like Taylor and she had the longest eyelashes. She was purely stunning..and her brother was just the same.


His skin was a little lighter and his hair had grown progressively longer then Shayla's but he looked so adorable,he reminded me so much of Harry with his curly flippy brown hair. 


I walked over to Shaye and picked him up also,holding him in the opposite arm to his sister. 


He was fascinated in my earrings and began to lightly pull them,giggling as they began to move. 


I kissed both of their foreheads and handed them both to Taylor,she smiled and looked me up and down. 


''Looking hawt out with Austin?'' She asked,giving Shaye a rattle in which he began to fight over with Shayla. 


''Thanks chick,and yeah..he's taking me to an Italian restaurant.'' I grinned,taking my Eos strawberry sorbet lipbalm out of my purse and applying it to my lips. 


''Well I hope you have a great time,you look stunning.'' She smiled. 


I smiled back and handed Shayla the pacifier that fell to the floor ''There you go baby.'' I whispered,stroking her brown hair out of her eyes. 


She smiled up at me and stuck the pacifier in her mouth.


Shaye began to cry and instantly pulled the pacifier out of her mouth and into his. 


''Yuck.'' Taylor laughed taking it out of his and putting it back into Shayla's before she cried. 


Shaye looked at her in betrayal and I began to laugh..they were just so cute. 


I went over to the coffee table and picked up Shayes pacifier before I handed it to him. 


He grabbed it with his small stubby hands and stuck it into his mouth,smiling contently up at me. 


I giggled and kissed both of their foreheads once more before I kissed Taylors cheek. 


''Looks like your babies like me more than you.'' I joked. 


''Ha.'' She laughed sarcastically. 


''I can always take them off your back if you want.'' I joked,sending her a  wink before I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the house. 


''NAH YOUR OKAY! THERE MY BABIES NOT YOURS!'' She screamed back,followed by a baby cry. 


I laughed..she was stupid to yell..even I knew it would set the cherubs off.


Cherubs..that's what Justin used to call Jazzy and Jaxon. 


I wonder how they're doing...I promised that wasn't going to be the last time I saw them..but it really was. 


I sighed at how much I missed them..they were the cutest. 


I was suddently startled by the beep of a car and I looked up to see Austin sat in the drivers seat smiling at me. 


He began to wolf whistle,I smiled and tuck my bangs behind my ear as I walked down to the car. 


''You're so stunning it literally startles me.'' He chuckled,leaning over and kissing me quickly. 


I blushed and looked out the window. ''You're so cute it startles me.'' I replied,glancing over at him to see him smirk. 


''Not as cute as my baeeeeeeeeeeee.'' He sang,ticking my belly as I cried out in laughter. 


''STOP! you know I hate- hate it when you call me that!'' I giggled,slapping his hands away.


''It's funny.'' He chuckled,leaning over and entwining his hand with mine as he pulled out of the driveway.




We were now seated in the restaurant and we were currently waiting for our food.




Austin began to speak but was interrupted when my phone made a sound. ''Sorry.'' I replied,taking my phone out of my purse and checking the notification. 



Justin Bieber would like to add you as a friend' 


I swallowed and opened up the app,wanting to see if he really did request me as a friend myself. 


This was the first time he wanted to contact me since the night I changed my number and blocked him on everything possible. 


But I must have just deleted him as a friend on Facebook and somehow he had found me and re-added me again. 


I found myself clicking on his profile to see his gorgeo- um..face pop up onto the small screen of my iPhone. 


I felt sick..he looked so different to the night I last saw him.




I sprinted down the street as the images of Justin and Emily haunted my thoughts. 


Tears were fiercely springing from my eyes and falling to the floor. 


I felt so disgusted,heartbroken and hurt. 


I thought he was commited to me? we even thought about marriage.


Did that not mean anything to his stupid ass?


I hate you Justin Bieber,I really fucking do.




The heavens had inconveniently opened and I found myself getting drenched in the ice cold water plummeting down from the clouds.


I didn't even realise I was running to a specific place until I noticed Taylor's apartment block come into view.


My running became faster and I was soon stood inside,waiting for her to open the door. 


''Tori? what's wrong?'' She asked once the door swung open showcasing her pregnant self. 


I barged past her without a word and sunk to my knees as the situation overwhelmed me.


I was positively weeping and Taylor had no idea why. 


Even when I do tell her...She will have no idea how it feels to be cheated on...twice. 


I thought Justin would never follow in the footsteps of his brother...he is just like him...he is Derek. 


Suddenly I began to shake and puke was rising up from the back of my throat,I managed to get up and weakly run to the bathroom before I finally emptied my stomach. 


I was sick to the core...Justin was just like his Abusive,cheating asshole of a Brother...and It only took me to now to realise. 


He had been playing me all along..


Maybe it was all a plan? the two brothers would try to do anything they could to break me..they were in this together.


It has to be the answer...right?


There's no other way that someone would personally go out on their way to break an already fragile human being until the point where it's not just cracks heart was shattered,broken...I felt like a part of me was dying.


All because of that C*nt I had the dishonour of calling my boyfriend for almost a year. 


I hate him..with every nerve,with every thought,and with every ounce of my body.




I had finally calmed down after my break down a mere few hours ago,I was still broken but I had enough strength to shower and find some comfy clothes to rest in. 


I walked into the living area to see Taylor sat wrapped up in the comforter. 


She saw me walk in and looked at me with sad eyes. 


''Heya girl,how about we cuddle up and forget about tonight? I'll get the channing tatum movies and the icecream and popcorn.'' She replied,getting up as she held her baby bump. 


For the first time in hours I cracked a smile. Soon enough two beautiful bundles of joy will pop out of my best friend and be a part of this world,I couldn't wait. 


I guess that was one thing to live for. 


All of a sudden there was harsh and fast banging vibrating from the door. 


My eyes turned wide and I walked into the bathroom. 


Who ever it was,I didn't want them to see me like this. 


''I'll get it.'' Taylor mumbled,waddling over to the door.


She opened it and instantly gasped. 


I was watching through the crack of the door,making sure my breath was held in. 


''What do you want.'' She growled,it was as if venom was dripping from every word she growled. 


''Where is she.'' He replied out of breath. 


''Away from can't hurt her anymore.'' Taylor replied,trying to shut the door. 


But suddenly the door was pushed open again and Justin took a couple of steps into the house,glancing around impatiently. 


''I know she's in here.'' He replied,trying to push past her. 


''Nu assholes aloud in here.'' She growled,pushing him back.


''Taylor move the fuck out of my way!'' He spat,shaking his head as he looked down at her with hatred. 


''No..she's not even here so don't bother trying.'' 


''Oh really?'' He bitterly laughed. ''That's why her mint coloured Converses with the white bleach mark are chilling next to the MOVE.'' He yelled,trying to push past her. 




Damn,that girl cray. What can ya say..her being Hispanic and all..they really dont give a fuck who's in front of them..they will kick ass if they need to. 

(An: that wasn't supposed to offend anyone if you were offended,It was just Tori's view on it...I love Hispanic people:)..)


Justin just stood there,staring in shock. 


''Yeah that's break my best friends heart..I ain't affraid to kick some Bieber butt..i've done it before don't make me do it again.'' She yelled,pushing him out the door and locking it behind her. 


I came out the bathroom and ran over to her,pulling her into my embrace. 


''Thank you so much,your the bestest friend ever.'' I giggled. 


I know it isn't a time to be laughing but she can take the worst situation and turn it into a comedy..I just love her.


''No problem boo.'' She smiled. 


I began to walk away before the door began to knock again. 


I walked back into the bathroom and shut the door. 


Justin just never quits does he. 


Taylor wrenched open the door. ''WHAT DID I FUCKING TELL YOU JUS- Austin?'' She asked. 


Once again she was pushed out the way and Austin began to run around the apartment. 


''Where is she.'' 


''Austin now is not the time.'' She sighed,eyeing me through the crack in the door. 


''I need to see if she's okay!'' He yelled,he suddenly stopped yelling and turned around. ''I'm sorry for adrenaline is so high right now because I just punched Justin and i-''


I walked out the bathroom and walked over to him before I could even stop myself. ''You punched him?'' 


Austin turned around with a smile on his face,but it soon vanished once he saw the mascara streaks down my face and neck. 


He rushed over to me and pulled me into a hug. ''I'm so sorry he did this..I didn't know.'' 


I held onto him as the fresh set of tears cascaded down my face again. 


He finally pulled away after what seemed like ages and he held my cheeks in his hand. 


He looked into my eyes and I looked right back into his,and before I knew it..his lips crashed into mine. 


It was magical to say the least.



''TORI!'' Austin chuckled,waving his hand in my face.


I snapped my head up in his direction and felt my cheeks instantly get read. ''huh?'' 


''You okay?'' He chuckled. 


I nodded my head. ''Uh..yeah I think so.'' 


''What were you thinking about?'' 


''Uh nothing.'' 


''You were having a blast from the past weren't you.'' 


I laughed shakily. ''I guess you could say that.'' 


''So as I was saying...I was thinking..we should take this relationship a little step further.'' He murmured,playing with his dog tag nervously. 


My eyes became wide and I gulped.


Oh no,what was he talking about?



okay so this was the first chapter of the sequel..I hope you enjoyed it guys,it took me absolutely ages to write.


Comments,favourites and loves will be appreciated.


Keep in mind what I said about the trailer...if you would like to make me one,contact me and I will look out for it. 


I love you all so much and thank you for all the kind comments on the last chapter of the first book.


I thought you all would be like 'im going to kill you for doing this to jori' but your all to sweet for that right?:')


love you long time guys<3




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