Zayn thought he was dating the one. Pretty, popular and tall. Until the smart, different, weird wallflower comes crashing in, literally. But is he able to give up "the one" and years of building up his reputation and walls to let it fall down with one small hit?


1. prologue


I-I can't believe it, as the box slips from my fingers and drops to the ground as the tears let loose.

I should of known that he would do this. How can I be so stupid to think that he would give up everything for someone as stupid as me.

"It's not what it looks like..." Someone who I thought was my friend explained as I stared across the room at him and her.

"Y-you knew?" I manage to stuttered.


"Bullshit! Y-you's planned this didn't you?" I cried. "To make me look like an absolute fool! I should of known. I should have..."

"I wasn't part of this or whatever it is, I swear" she cut in. "You know I wouldn't hurt you like that!"

"Do I? And don't worry, I'm not angry at you or her or him. I'm angry at myself for thinking that you's are any better then what people have said. I've always stuck up for you's everytime, everytime! Everytime they've said shit. But here you's are proving them right."


"No! I'm done" I bursted as I grabbed my jacket and ran out the place.

Why am I so stupid?



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