Zayn thought he was dating the one. Pretty, popular and tall. Until the smart, different, weird wallflower comes crashing in, literally. But is he able to give up "the one" and years of building up his reputation and walls to let it fall down with one small hit?


2. chapter 1

Sorry it's been a long time but I will try to be better (on both stories)!


Zayn point of view:

Standing in the rain at night as I pull my hood over my eyes and ears protecting it from the harsh wind, I wait for the bus to arrive knowing I had no money what so ever.

Shit. How I'm I going to get home?

As the bus finally pulls up ten minutes later I still haven't came up with a plan to get a ride on the bus without money but it's my only way home unless I want to walk to my apartment which is 20 minutes which I usually do but since tonight's fight was the worst one I have had yet it wasn't an option because I'm sore as hell and wouldn't last 5 minutes.

Shit shit shit

When the door open I step in immediately, glad I was dry but scared of what might occur next. He can either kick me out or let me on because he is nice but answer one is most likely.

I walk pass him and get ready to put my ticket in the machine knowing damn well it's expired.

The ticket comes our as expected and whilst making an annoying beeping sound as it lights up red.


I try again and the same thing happened.

"Hey, do you have money because imma going to have to get you to get off if you don't. Rules," he explained as he taps on the sign above his head.

"Can you please just let me ride just this once for free? And I'll pay you back tomorrow, that's when I get paid," I promised.

"Sorry kid. Rules are rules," he yawned. "I'm gonna have to ask you to leave"

"Please," I begged.

"Sorry" he frowned.

I sighed and headed for the door.

"Wait," a voice spoke that silenced the rain outside.

I look up to see a girl around my age sitting at the back of the bus hiding behind the chair in front of her. As she steps into the middle lane of the bus with her white converses I notice her long brown hair that passes her shoulders in waves.

"I'll pay for him" she stuttered as she passed some change to the bus driver and walked back to her seat at the back in one fluent motion.

"Take a seat son" the bus driver instructed as he pulled out of the lane.

I stroll to the back of the bus slowly as I take a grasp at every passing pole making sure I don't embarrass myself even more, I sit across from the girl.

Looking discreetly at her everything screams out rich from her expensive looking necklace and earrings to kind of clothes she's wearing even though it's just jeans and a t-shirt, this makes me want to question why she is taking a bus in the middle of the night. Nothing I should be concerning myself on since this is probably the only time I'm going to see her. But still it fascinates me.

Looking down at me dried up blood knuckles, her voices startles me.

"Hey," she whispered just loud enough for me to question if it was to me but when I look up and I lock eyes with her hazel ones letting me know it was to me as she kept her stare towards me.

"Hi" I cautiously whisper back after a minute as I broke eye contact and rub one of my hands against my knuckle to sooth it.

"What are you doing at this time of the hour?" She questioned as she cropped her head to the side in fascination when I look up which made me look down straight away.

"Trying to get back home" my scratchy voice spoke, "what about you?"

"Trying to run away" She whispered.

"What?" I said in surprise as I looked up.

She doesn't look the type to be running away.

Before she can answer the bus slowed down to a stop and she grabbed her bag.

"Expectations are not meant to be met and you know, you only live once right."

With those last words she was off.

What just happened?


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