adopted by harry styles

a wonderful young 18 year old girl called Ruby gets adopted by harry styles but what if she has a crush on Niall what will the band do split up or survive


2. unexpected





Harrys POV

I was for sure this was the only way to get a daughter was to adopt because my dear wife Emily cant carry a child so I thought I would surprise her by adopting a child. This child was the right choice and such a sweet name..... Ruby lovely name. I stared at the shocked child she looks like she was about to faint and I was right 'Down she goes....'  literally she passed out cold while the doctors took care of Ruby I thought I will pack for her. I walked to her tiny peach room to see lots of posters of our band I smiled sweetly no wonder why she fainted she loves us. I opened the drawers since there was no wardrobe to reveal 1 pair of knickers 1 pair of shoes 1 pair of leggings and 1 tank top. Boy I will have to buy her more stuff she doesn't even have a bra so I packed what she had in my backpack very little though. I walked to the doctors room she was awake drinking some hot chocolate she looked at me still trying to process what just went on I said "When you want to leave tell me I already packed your stuff we are going shopping." Immediately she jumped out of bed jumping up and down squealing with joy she slipped her shoes on and ran to the car park analysing witch car was mine. She couldn't tell because it wasn't in the car park it was round the corner it was a Porsche but she doesn't know that. "Where is it?" she asked with a puff I walked and motioned for her to come she did so and followed me without a warning she screams. I lash my head in her direction as she obviously seen the  Porsche I gave a cheeky smile at her reaction she snatched the keys out of my pocket and jumped in the front passenger seat. I



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