adopted by harry styles

a wonderful young 18 year old girl called Ruby gets adopted by harry styles but what if she has a crush on Niall what will the band do split up or survive


5. shopping

harrys POV

She fell asleep nowonder it was a very long journey.We arrived then i did not ;) want to wake her wink wink i got a can of whipped cream and sprayed some in her hands and then gently shooke her she woke up and smashed the whip cream in her face LOL i was LMAO so hard she gave me a gleam that was funny oh ilh i handed her a purple velvet hanky she wiped her face and hoped out if she can't handle me she defo cant handle louis. "Wow shandale is owned my the richest person in the country Dale avenue then 2nd and superstars wear his cloth." she remarked


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