She gets beat by her pearnt. But there are five new guy and what happens when Niall and Louis fall for her and find her past


1. newbie.

So I just moved to London it's AMZING I am going to school " BITCH get ur ugly aress down here now..... I have a fucking name I M ur daughter as if I would love to have a boy but ur a whore a slut and a slag" I scream in pain as my father beats me for 10 mints get to school

I whent out the house crying I got to school and 5 new boys where behind the lockers my friend dragged me to the lockers " are u okay boo my dad he beat me again rose....... Oh Diana it's fine u can live we me if u want but if my dad finds out he will kill me" gasp "who's there ur dad beats u oh no" I look at rose scared shit "rose wait how divi know we over herd sorry I'm dead I'm de-ad I'm sorry Diana wait ur called Diana oh no rose help" I ran out the school and to my house where another beating took please Beacuse I dint tell my dad

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