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Frerard fic ��


1. Me

Me. Me is me, that is clear. I am me but who am I? Asking yourself who and what you are is the hardest question I can make up. I don't know myself at all. Or at least not like my friends, family and boyfriend does. Asking them who and what I am would be really stupid. They would just be like "Oh you're Frank right?". Except for my boyfriend, Gerard. He'll be like "You're my Frankie." Man I love him. I wish I could be with him right now. But no, I have to be a year younger and be in another freaking classroom. Anyways the time is going real quick now I don't pay attention to the teacher and the quiet guy next to me. The quiet guy is actually pretty nice. It's Gerard's little brother, Mikey. I don't know him that well but I think he's my only friend in this classroom.

"Frank I can't walk home with you, I have practice today."

I didn't even notice that he tried to start a conversation in the first place.

"Oh, okay."

"Are you coming to see Gerard or..?"

"Yes! I miss him..."

"Okay, enough."

I don't like the way that Mikey talks. He's all nice and stuff but when I talk about Gerard and me, he turns into some rude person I don't know. But I'm fine with that, I only want Gerard anyways.

The school bell rang while a threw my rug sack on my table and putted my books in it quickly. Finally being able to go to you're favorite fucking person in the world is just really awesome when you had a bad day. Today was awful. My pens were stolen, my bag was dropped in a toilet and they fucked up my shirt with ketchup. Well at least they didn't hurt me like a punch in my face or balls. I'm not really that cool kid at school. I have a lot of friends but they just don't care about me. They say I'm funny and cool but they're never here when I need them.

It's not that I give a shit but sometimes you just need someone. Sometimes all you need is a hug. Hugs are the best. They're so comfortable and make you feel loved. That's why I fucking need to skip a class. I wanna be in Gerard's classroom so we can cuddle all day. I freaking love that guy. It's not that I never see him but he's never at school. He's got bullied a lot so he stays home like almost every day. I'm glad I can finally visit his house every day. We're dating for a half year but I only slept with him in the same room 3 times. His mother doesn't like me that much. We're not allowed to sleep with each other. Or well that's what she thinks. But yea I need to stay positive and make the best of it so maybe it will turn out okay. Later...

So that is exactly what I did. I putted on my grey hoodie, left the school behind and ran to Gerard's house. I pushed the door bell and waited for someone to open it.

"Who's there?!"

"Uhh, Frank!"

The door opened slowly and Gee looked carefully outside. He looked a little scared...

"What's wrong babe?"

"Nothing.., I just didn't expect you."

"Sorry, shall I come later today?"

Gee give me an awkward look and doubted if he should say something or not. I know he didn't want me too leave but I don't know what he was doing before... The Way brothers are always so awkward when I want something from them., like this one time I asked Mikey to help me with my guitar and he said yes but he was all awkward and silent. And then this time when me and Gee were dating for a week, I wanted to make out with him for the first time but he stopped kissing and looked like I tried to kill him... Damn. These guys. But maybe that's also what I like about them. When I hold Gerard's hand while walking through the hallways at school. I see in his eyes that he wants it but he's too shy just to be comfortable in these kinda situations.

"No, you can come..."

"Great, I missed you at school."

Gee carefully smiled at me and I smiled back. I bit my lip and came towards him to give him a hug. He closed the door while I embraced him and then wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on my cheek. Why is this guy so adorable? I never wanna let him go, I'll never leave him.

"So.., how was school?"

I grabbed his hand and walked in the living room.

"Boring. How was your day Gee?"

He sat down on the white, leather sofa and stroked through his black, messy hair.

"Frank, can you sit down for a moment? We have to talk..."

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