Didn't waste any time

Frerard fic ��


2. I don't love you

'We have to talk' is like the most terrifying sentence ever. Specially when Gerard says it cause he doesn't give a fuck about anything.

I sat down next to him on the couch and putted off my hoodie. There was still ketchup on my shirt and it started to smell as fuck.

"What's wrong Gee?"

"What's with your shirt?"

"Nothing., accidentally dropped some ketchup at lunch."

Gerard knows I'm also a good target to bully at school and he probably also knew I was lying. But I don't wanna make him sad to tell the truth and I'll always pretend I'm okay. I'll do everything to make him feel better.

"But what was the thing you wanted to talk about?"

"You know my mother doesn't like you that much right..? She says that you're the reason why I always feel like shit and I should stop seeing you less... And I have to break up with you..."

What? Did he just blamed me for his depressed feelings? I couldn't get a word out of my mouth and my eyes started to tear. Is this what I deserve? I was here for him every fucking day and this is what I get back? This is not how we should've end. I almost found some words to say but he interrupted me.

"I'm sorry.., you have to go now. Mikey and my mother will be here soon. I'll see you at school next week..."

"I'm sorry?! What the fuck Gerard? Why?"

"Why..? Maybe it actually is better that way, even when I still love you..."

I wanted to punch him in his face so bad but I kept telling myself to behave. I'll do everything to make this work out, I'll fight for this. I'm not just gonna let him go just because his mother wants that. I grabbed my hoodie and stoop up. I walked away but turned back to say something.

"I'll be back Gerard. I promise."

Gee wiped away a tear and looked sadly through the window which was filled with raindrops. He didn't say anything back. He didn't even made me try to stay. I opened the front door to leave the Way's house and closed it slowly afterwards. Realizing that this could be the last time that I'll leave this house. That broke my heart. My head smashed against the door and I started crying like a baby. How could I have let this happen?

I started my way back home in the pouring rain. Trying to make a plan to get him back. Brainstorming to make this perfectly work out.

It was quiet outside and the streets where empty. There was no one except for me, a woman in a yellow raincoat, walking with her dog and a skinny guy who was walking towards me. He looked familiar to me but I couldn't place it. Still thinking about what happened. It started to rain harder when the skinny guy passed me by but looked back and started talking to me.

"Hey Frank! I thought you would be at my house at the moment?"

It was Mikey... And yes u should've been still at his house if this all didn't happen... Tears and raindrops fell off my face when Mikey putted his hand on my shoulder.

"Frank? Are you okay?"

"Yea.., well.., actually not. I have to go home now."

I couldn't look him in the eyes, it felt like he already knew I had to leave his brother. I felt so broken and ashamed inside. Ashamed because I don't wanna cry. It won't help me get him back or make me feel better but I just couldn't stop. The weather cried with me when I turned away and ran towards my house.

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