All of this was just a prelude to something greater...


1. Nightmare

He is my nightmare, yet I am still the monster that caused all this. Everyone changes in the end, they turn their back on me and rebel. But that is more dangerous than anything I could ever do. Yet still, I caused this, I instigated this sequence, this timeline, of events that would eventually lead to this.

But yet I am the one who laments over the loss of the Kappa. It is my fault, yet I act like the victim. What kind of a creator is that? One who can't even control a rampant pawn?

From the moment I let him fade away for the sake of my plotline, he's been running rampant. Not when I'm awake, when I can stop him, but at night when I teeter between the two worlds.

He is that blackened nightmare whose voice I hear every morning.

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