Since we were young

When Zayn, Niall, Natsha, Grace and Ester split up for high school the last thing they expect is a new boy. And Zayn isn't happy


6. Tickle: Ester

When I wake up the first thing I see is that Zayn is still asleep, the second is that there is a feather on the floor. I get the feather and tickle Zayns nose. His reaction is hilarious he try's to swipe it away then he rolls on his face. Then I tickle his neck and he wakes up, and tackles me. "Waffles" his mum calls out and I'm the first one down stairs. "Hello sunshine, hello zombie" his mum says as Zayn trudges down stairs. After breakfast we play video games until I have to go to ballet. "Goodbye twinkle toes" he says as he pushes me out the door.

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