Since we were young

When Zayn, Niall, Natsha, Grace and Ester split up for high school the last thing they expect is a new boy. And Zayn isn't happy


9. The date:Ester

He met me at a Nandos at 6:30. "Hey" he called "hi" I said sliding into my seat "how long have you um liked me?" I ask him "since year 5" he tells me "really! I never had a hint of that!" I say giggling "I gave you heaps of hints, number 1, when we did foot steps I always danced with you" he tells me I blink amazed. So I lean in he does to "I love you" Zayn whispers to me "I think I love you to" I whisper back and I lean in closer until our faces are just a centimetre away. He makes the last move, he closes the gap between our lips. Fire works go off in my mind! When it finishes our dinner is here, yum. "Did you like your food?" I ask "yes I did" he replies "my parents army home so do you want to come over?" I ask "sure he says and we get a taxi to my house "he goes into my room and turns on the laptop going into the movies app, "you know me too well" I say laughing as I lie down next to him "nemo?" He asks and we watch it until we feel sleepy

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