Since we were young

When Zayn, Niall, Natsha, Grace and Ester split up for high school the last thing they expect is a new boy. And Zayn isn't happy


5. Saturday: Zayn

It's Saturday, looking at my clock it says 8:00. Wow I slept in! I jump out of bed and style my hair and go down for breakfast, the smell of pancakes hits me. "Mmmmmmmmm" I say " Sleepy heads awake!" My mum says "muuuuuuum" I reply "Ester is coming at 9:30 ok?" I add " sure sweetie" she replies " now eat" so I sit down and eat the pancakes, yum home made jam! At nine thirty on the dot, DING DONG, Ester and I made it a joke that you get there right at the time said! Opening the door I am greeted by a hug and "hello Zaynie Zebra" she says, "what Essie the Elephant?" I add. We go up stairs and I turn on the Wii, "just dance?" I ask her "yay" she says we play it for two hours until we are exhausted and she says "close you eyes" so I do I hear rustling and then feel a whole heap of fabric fall on me. Opening my eyes I see she has covered me in pyjamas. "Ok" I say pulling out a mattress

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