Since we were young

When Zayn, Niall, Natsha, Grace and Ester split up for high school the last thing they expect is a new boy. And Zayn isn't happy


4. Hello: Zayn

I walked into Ester and Natasha's school just as the lunch bell rings. BLAAAAAAAAAAARGH I see a sign that says CAFETIERIA and walk in. I see Ester sitting at a table so I run up and play guess who.

The next morning

Waking up I go have a shower and style my hair. "Bye mum" I say giving her a hug as I rush out the door. At school I run up to Ester, " are you doing anything Saturday?" I ask "nope. You?" She replies " want to come over?" I ask "sure, got to get to class" she says running off.

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