Since we were young

When Zayn, Niall, Natsha, Grace and Ester split up for high school the last thing they expect is a new boy. And Zayn isn't happy


7. Flop: Zayn

Ester has just left for ballet and I can't stop thinking about her, her messy black hair, her long skinny legs, her strong body. It makes me wonder. Does she deserve someone like me? RING "hey Zaynie" says the familiar voice of Niall "hey Nialler" I reply "How'd the sleepover with Essie go?" He asks "great, she woke me up by tackling my nose with a feather" I reply "we are going to a party tonight, do you want to come?" He asks "we?" I reply "Natasha and Ester duuuuh" he says "oh right, sure see you then" I reply "bye" he answers BEEP

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