The life changer!xxxx

When lives turn a sectet wil turn!!... Xx


7. Chapter 7 xx

Zayn's POV

Our lips were about to touch when Louis walked in screaming "Hazzas licked in the loo" we all burst out laughting! Then in came Niall saying "He's screaming to get out. Then Roni came in with hair like alburt Einstein and mumbled "My hair straitners blew up can u use yours?" She obviously ment it to Sim but Louis cherped in and smirked "I haven't got any!" We were on the floor laughing then Hazzas ran in with toilet roll on his head "Oh my days?!" Sim and Ron said in harmony then we all incontrolibly laughed until the couple that ran the hotel told us that breakfast was over!

Louis' POV

I like roni I think I might ask her out, I took her behind the stairs and said "Will you go out with me?" She looked so innocent and Beutiful and she said "YESS!!!! OF COURSE!!!! I was so happy she seemed to be too! True love!!!

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