The life changer!xxxx

When lives turn a sectet wil turn!!... Xx


6. Chapter 6 xx

Niall's POV

Omg I realy like this Simone girl, She seems so nice but funny at the same time but I notecard she kept looking at Zayn so I don't know wether or not to leave it apparently she's a huge gamer and has invited Zayn to play gta 5 my fave rout game!!! Zayn wouldn't stop talking about her and Lou liked Weronika we were all going to the opening of the new theme park on Friday

Simone's POV

The boys were all nice and funny but Niall kept looking at me, as I looked around the table I notice that Liam is eating clerical wig a fork so I say "Man, why u eating with a fork?" So he replies "I'm kinda scared if spoons!" He looked ashamed. Trying to confer him I say "Well I'm scared of the dark!" So Roni cherps in and tells them an embarrassing story about me when we were 12 and I screamed because she stuck a chucky doll in my face! They all burst out laughing and I feel my face go red. The boys all except Zayn go back to ther room and Roni goes to get dressed so me and Zayn are alone and he says "I realy Li-" I cut him off "like me?" He replies "Yeah?" A little wary that I may think he is weird so I say "I like you too!"

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