The life changer!xxxx

When lives turn a sectet wil turn!!... Xx


5. Chapter 5 xx

Roni's POV

I walked out of our room and got a text from Tom I don't want to get into detail but he text dumped me. As I walked into the breakfast room I saw Simone talking to ZAYN I was soo shocked... The both looked over at me and I must have been crying because next thing I know Sim is hugging me! She attempted to introduce me "Ron this is... Urg?"

"Zayn" he said smirking

"Okay, Ron this is-" she cut me off

"I know who this is!" I shouted still in shock "She's abit of a big fan!" Sim said to Zayn he replied with a smirk on his face "You must spin abit then!" Sim and I burst out laughing... An old couple stared at us. Then Zayn turned to Sim "So, u a fan?"

"Urgh not realy." Sim said apologetically. Then his attention turned to my nails "Big fan, eh?" He said a bit cocky. "Yeahh!!" I yelled abit loud! Then he asked me "Who you like?"

"Louis." I replied with enthusiasm in my voice I had completely forgotten about Tom! Then the wator came out and asked us what we would like sim said "1 coffee 1 tea and 2 pancake mountains!" She had obviously order for me but I still joked "God your hungry ain't u?" She replied "Yeahhh, I'm starving!" She stated sarcastically! Me, Her and Zayn laughed hysterically!

Zayn's POV

I realy liked her apparently her name was Simone, Simmy or Sim she had strawberry blonde hair but she bleached it so her hair was blonde. Her friend I think her name is roni asked sim "u turned off the xbox?!" Sim automatically replied "ye!" But a bit lazily so I asked "You a gamer?" And she said "Guess so why?"

"I love xbox!" I said enthusiastically

"You should come over sometime an let me kick ur ass at gta 5!" She said like a boss she was just like me then a huge noise cane in through the door. It was the boys! They walked over too us an Harry sat by me, Liam by Roni, Lou sat the other side of Roni kind of next to Sim and Niall sat the other side if Sim. Simmy was shocked and diddnt know what to do she seemed like she diddnt know who they were so I said "Aup lads, This is Simone and Weronika!" Then I added "Weronika is a fan!" Then Niall chirped in and said "And what about you Simone?" She looked up from her pile of pancakes coverd in chocolate sause and said "What?" She must have not heard him "He's asking you if you'r a fan!" I suddenly explained "Not really?!" She said again apologetically

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