The life changer!xxxx

When lives turn a sectet wil turn!!... Xx


3. Chapter 3 xx

Roni's POV

I had just sent a tweet,When in the reply things there was LOUIS TOMLINSONS TWEET!!!! I was so shocked. "Hey Sim check Twitter?!" I said it a little u know sarcastically I tried to sound breezy and casual but I had tears of joy in my eyes and she could tell I was exited. She replied "I'm goin get a coke want anything?" So I said "urhm... Seven up?" So she set up the long train corridor passing a few other people going the opposite way until she was out if sight! She never answers me on twitter strait away so I quickly jumped on twitter and instantly messages Louis Tomlinson and waited...

Simone's POV

I got back to see her staring at her phone as if she was waiting for a message! I asked her "What 'cha doin?" And she replied instantly "Waiting for Louis to type back!" Automatically I knew what she meant!... I heard something on the speaker "...Next stop London..." I jumped up and so did Roni. We got our suitcases and headed off to "The Queens Hotel" Laughing about anything and everything in the taxi, When we finaly it to the hotel I coughs a glimpse of the fittest guy I have ever seen. I recognised him from somewhere but I diddn't know where from. The way his hair went back in the wind, he was with 4 friends I recognised them too! I looked at roni she was wearing her urgh what's there name... 5 something... I look at her nails and realise One Direction, She's wearing her One Direction t-shirt rainbow leggings and a let her jacket and her nike blazers with a pink paules boutique bag. And I'm wearing my converse sweatshirt, a red body warmer, black skinny and my white nike air fourse also a dark red beanie and a purple paules boutique bag. Him, the one that I saw, was wearing a black leather jacket and a checked shirt, black skinnes abit like mine and black converse and he had a beanie that coverd half his head we were staring at each other.

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