The life changer!xxxx

When lives turn a sectet wil turn!!... Xx


2. Chapter 2 xx

Simone's POV

I got out my phone and scrolled through my contacts till I found Laura I called her and after 3 beeps she picked up "Hello..." She sounded rushed I said " Hey, Laura can I talk to Tom ?" I said with abit of Frustration in my voice she replied "Who?" She tried to act puzzled!" I replied u know the one whoes butt called Roni (that's what I call Weronika)" I heard panik in her breath "Oh.....beep.....beep!" She'd hung up on me. "Yeah he's with Laura!"I explained in a slight I told you so tone. But she broke down right there and wept. By now I'd made my way next to her & cuddled her. "Your not the first and you won't be the last!" She looked at me her blue eyes sparkling as if to say "Thank you!" But sarcastically. I hear her sigh with a bit of rush.

Louis's POV

We had just gotten to Hotel, Harry was on twitter, Niall eating Nandos, Zayn doing his hair and Liam well being scared of Niall's piri piri chicken on a spoon. I checked my twitter and a girl @Weronika_xo she put " @zaynmalik @Harry_Styles @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallHoran On way hotel in London by u just painted my nails!" And then a picture of her nails on what I think is a train table they were red with little 1D in white I wanted to freak her out so I replied "Well Hello!"

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