The life changer!xxxx

When lives turn a sectet wil turn!!... Xx


1. Chapter 1

Simone's POV

As I walked out of the door at about 8:30am, I heard my mum mutter "Be good, don't get in no trouble!" As I jumped into Weronika's car I asked abit loud "You Ready?!" She replied trying to calm me "Shhh..Yeah." I could tell that she was exited too! We had spent 3hours trying to get tickets It was only a 30 Minuit drive to stoke train station. We were like a quarter of the way there when I checked my purple paules boutique

Bag. "Where's the tickets?" I litarly shouted, She replied "I've got them calm down!" But she sounded exited herself! Her boyfriend Tom drove us to the door and kissed her well I fake gaged and half way through I bought up "Get a room!" Sarcastecley of course I didn't want HIM to come too. I've never liked Tom he always takes Weronika away from my sight and they just make out! We were finaly at the door (they'd stopped kissing) thank god. And we went to reception and said "2 to London please?" She replied in her squeaky voice "Return or single Hun?" Weronika quickly replied "Returns please." We looked at the tickets Then we got onto the train, we had 2 hours to kill so she went on Twitter and told me latest news. Then I checked twitter. Harry Styles' latest tweet was "Just got to O2 arena Nail eating nandos, Zayn doin his hair.. Everything's normal!"

Weronika's POV

She was staring at her phone mumbling a few things out loud "..Harry...Twitter...Nandos...Hair"

I figured what she was on about. All of a Suddern I got a call my screen said "Tom <3" so I answers and his phone must have Pockett dialed all I heard was "Hey baby, my girlfriends out of town..." And then it sounded like a familiar femail say "Yeah, Let's do that!" I diddnt hear some of it so I'm a little iffy, But I Rither said something out loud or looked upset because Simone looked at me her eyes filled with concern and said like the ghost on scary movie 1 " Wazzupppppp!" I've known her since we were like 5 or 6 so she can tell if I'm okay or not... My heart fell into two and I broke down and wept "....*sob* tom *sob*..." She just automatically knew, I don't know how she does it it's like she's a mind reader. I got out my phone and shew her the recorded message, She seemed to recognise the girl and got out her phone.

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