Pen Pals || Hiatus

17 year old Grace lives in an average world. She lives in Adelaide, South Australia, the city that nobody knows about. There are no wars, she has good and a home and she goes to a public school.
However, four years ago, her class wrote to some students in the Netherlands. They had to learn Dutch and use translating apps and tools to write back.
When she writes to 14 year old Cornelia, they become good friends.


1. Chapter One

Grace smiled as she picked out a girl from the hat. The piece of paper read; “Cornelia, female”. Grace was terrified that she was going to get a guy.


That night, Grace used Google Translate to write a letter to Cornelia.

“Dear Cornelia,

My name is Grace Reade. I'm using Google Translate as I'm still learning, so sorry if my Dutch is a bit off.”

Grace clicked translate and waited.

“Beste Cornelia, Mijn naam is Grace Reade. Ik gebruik Google Translate terwijl ik nog aan het leren, dus sorry als mijn Nederlands is een beetje uit.”

Grace read through it, deciding if Google was a worthy translation method.

Turns out, it was all correct, so Grace typed out the rest of her letter.

“Ik woon in Adelaide, Zuid-Australië. Wij zijn de enige staat in Australië waar je moet wachten tot jaar acht gaan naar de middelbare school. Het zuigt. Hoe oud moet je zijn om naar de middelbare school te beginnen?

Voel je vrij om me te vragen een aantal vragen in je brief!

Tot ziens voor nu,


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