angel of music ( a rise of the guardian story :3 )

Luna and tia are the new guardians not knowing all there powers to help the children they need help to find there centers knowing that pitch is back nothing good will happen with him there destroying children's dreams the guardians need the help of the the guardian of the sun she is needed very much but the guardian of the moon is the one who will save them all


1. luna


( pic luna  

name: luna 

age: 17 

born: 1993 may 1 

died: may 1 2011 

hair: long black/brown hair 

eye's: light blue like light. light 
height: 5ft5 

family: tia but there not that close 

is:  guardian of the moon rise's it and lower's it and protect's the man of the moon 

power's: can sing children to sleep when she play's music/sing she can use blue light's to do what she want's 

 center: does not know 

like's: cute thing's piano singing book's to draw light blue the forest and animal's the rain 

dislike's: mean people pitch 

personality: shy smart fun stubborn sweet Gentle but don't make her mad 

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