I am a vampire

I am Kiera. Being fourteen sucks, especially when you are a vampire. Can I even survive in the human world anymore?


7. Wow this sucks

After practically flying down the stairs (And yes I used my vamp powers that I am not supposed to) I saw what I had expected to see already.


Except now, actually seeing it was worse. I knew what was going to be in front of me, but part of me had hope that it wasn't that.


But now there is proof right in front of me that its real.


Mom and Dad died. They got shot by the Vamp Officials.


Really, it happens a lot. Its only to prevent them from finding out about the species, but honestly this is not fair. Its my parents though!


So for the third time today, I cry and cry and cry my feelings out. I txt Sephora and Destinee. And then I call Janise.


"They killed Mom and Dad." I sob "They are really dead."


I go over to Janise and Kemal's house later. Destinee hugs me. It hasn't happened to her yet, but it will. Before she came, she made sure she told them she loved them and basically said her goodbyes as much as she could without them knowing that she was saying goodbye to them for the rest of her life.


"I didn't get to say goodbye." I whisper.


Sephora's parents already think she is dead. That was four years ago. She is now 16.


"We need you guys to get enrolled now before they start killing more people you love." Kemal explains. I shake my head yes. I would have normally instantly shook my head no, but I couldn't risk anyone else dying.


So within ten minutes, we were all in the car.


Destinee and I were sitting next to her for the long drive. We hadn't packed any bags, but Janise said that lots of students their don't before they come.


Destinee and I are ordered to stay outside the office while Janise and Kemal enroll us. Soon some guy came out and introduced himself to us.


"I'm Kalvin." He holds out his hand for us to shake.


Destinee smiles and sticks her hand out quickly. "I'm-" She fixes her hair and stares into his eyes as much as she can "I'm Destinee."


She was obviously flirting. I have never seen her act like this before.


But Kalvin is pretty cute.


"I can show you guys around if you want."


Destinee laughs.


I start to say "We were told to stay h-"


"Of course we'd love to." Destinee cuts me off.


Destinee stands up and pulls me behind her. I give her a stare and when Kalvin turns around, she whispers "It'll be fine."

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