I am a vampire

I am Kiera. Being fourteen sucks, especially when you are a vampire. Can I even survive in the human world anymore?


8. Roomate

Destinee and I are following behind Kalvin as he shows us around still.


I know this is a bad thing.


"Yeah, so this is the first floor. Second floor is where the rooms are." Kalvin explains. His smile is perfect...


"Do we have roommates?" Destinee then looks over to me. We are obviously going to be roommates if there are.




"So, what grade are you in?" Destinee asks in what I now have learned is her flirting voice. I am very surprised because she has never been interested in guys at all until now.




Destinee smiles. "I'm in eighth too."


"We're in eighth." I correct her.


"Oh, maybe we'll have some classes together." He turns back around and looks at me.


"Yeah, I hope so." Destinee replies.


Kalvin tells us that he'll be right back and then goes into some room. Destinee and I sit down on the bench. It looks just like a normal school does. "There you are." I hear Janise say from behind me.


"Oh hi." I say.


"The principal here wants to show you to your new rooms." Right then Kalvin comes back out.


We all follow Janise back to the entrance where we were. A lady in tall heels waves us over. "Hello there. I'm Ms. Forester. You're Destinee and Kiera?" The two of us shake our heads and smile.


"Okay, lets show you to your rooms and then we'll discuss the rules." Ew rules, but at least she seems nice.


Kalvin comes up and grabs my hand in his. Nobody notices but me and he pulls me to a stop. "Be aware that she totally changes once you start the school year. She's evil." I laugh.


Everybody stops walking and turns back to us. We are only about four feet behind, but it was still embarrassing. I hope they don't think me and him were trying to be cute together or flirting or dating because I'm not sure if that would be a good first impression of who I am.


"Destinee. This is your room."


"And mine?"




"But-" Ms. Forester cuts me of.


"There are no requests for people who come in the middle of the year, I am very sorry." I slouch.


We take a peek into her room. "Your roommates name is Janika. All the students are in class at the moment, but you will meet her soon."


She closes the door again and heads farther down the hall. "And this is Kiera's room. You will be sharing with Lianna."


*****Note: I know the chapters are kinda short, but I hope you like them! I try to update whenever someone comments, and I will keep trying to update more often! Xoxo-Serinaaaaa

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