I am a vampire

I am Kiera. Being fourteen sucks, especially when you are a vampire. Can I even survive in the human world anymore?


4. Not exactly innocent

I decide to not be worried about what Quince suspected. There is no way he'd be able to even know vampires are real. No one would believe him, anyway, if there was some way to find out.


Its passing time between second and third period now. Destinee and I go to third together usually, like human best friends would. Not that I am a human.


"So what's new?"


Destinee and I start our conversation, the both of us pretending to be like everyone else. We can't even whisper about vampires here.


Okay so I know it would be easier to just go to the vampire school, the one about two hours away from my home, a boarding school. My "family" have talked about it a lot. And that's even where Sephora goes. But for me, human school is the only thing that lets me pretend that I am really human. The vampire boarding school would be the last thing I need to complete my vampire life and prove to myself that I have no human in me at all. None.


I at least want to pretend I'm not human. For now, at least.


"Get out a sheet a paper. We are starting the quiz." The science teacher explains.


Eighth grade is horrible. I know I said I like class and the teachers, but not the drama, the gum under seats, and the part where you are supposed to "find yourself" in all that. I already know myself.


I am a vampire. One that will keep growing up and older until I am 18. Then I'll be stuck. Doomed. I won't age any more after that. You might think its "cool" that I get to live forever, but its not. It just means that I'll be a freak forever. I'll be someone I don't want to be for the rest of my life. I "get" to hate myself for eternity.


Are you starting to understand why I hate being a vampire? Good. You don't want to be one.


I put my name on my paper and the date. I start to put the title on the page when-


The door slammed open. Three police officers came in with guns up. I looked at Destinee. Stay calm.


Everyone was quiet, as it was obvious they were looking for someone.


The first guy stood at the classroom door. He is bald and short. He stands guard, not letting anyone in or out.


The second officer goes to the front of the classroom. "We have suspected that one of the student in this class are not normal. That student knows who they are and need to stand up immediately."


The third one I am going to call Blondie. The nickname sort of speaks for itself of what he looks like. He walks down the rows of students at their desks, looking at each of their faces. Students start whispering.


One kid even asks "What do you mean by not normal?"


Second Guy answers. His voice is brave and powerful, warning-like. "The Town is in suspicion that there are vampires here. In this school."


Gasps from all over the room.


Blondie is headed toward our row. I take a deep breathe and so does Destinee. Janise always told us that humans aren't smart enough to know the difference between a vampire and human. At least not by the physical traits, that is. But if they found out about the tattoo my kind gets when we change, they could easily know.


The officer at the door puts away his gun until Blondie finishes examining us. Probably just to see if any of us visibly have fangs or something ridiculous like that.


Blondie and Security guard step out of the room, and the second officer, the one named Greg (I can see by his nametag) starts to head to the door. He stops before shutting it.


"If anyone knows anything about who could be the vampires, you need to report it immediately. We will find them."


I have nothing to be scared about though. Except the way Officer Greg stared at me while he said that....


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