I am a vampire

I am Kiera. Being fourteen sucks, especially when you are a vampire. Can I even survive in the human world anymore?


3. No such thing

When I am in school, I pretend to be a student. A student who loves to read and write and do homework. I am most definitely not a nerd, but learning about human stuff is better then learning about what I am. Janise and Kemal have books about vampires throughout history and things like that, but I'd rather just forget about being a vampire.


The only thing about school is that it is forbidden to tell anyone human about me and my kind. Nothing at all. If one person found out, our whole species would be in danger.


My first class is social studies. We are learning about the Greeks and Romans and their gods. I look around the room, only to find that I am probably the only one who is interested.


The bell rings. I gather up all my books and start to head out the door. I am stopped by what I hear.


"I know that there is a vampire in this class. I know it." Quince, an annoying sport-addicted guy says to the teacher. Thank god Mr. Thomas doesn't buy it.


"And how would you know that?"


Quince leans in and whispers something quietly to the social studies teacher. He shows him some kind of list in a notebook before closing it again. I walk a little slower towards the door so I might be able to eavesdrop some more.


"I have a list of people it could be. I will find out who it is."


Mr. Thomas doesn't believe him. "There is no such thing as vampires, Quince."


Oh I wish I could say that sentence and honestly mean it, but I can't.


"Yes there is. I will prove it to you. You'll see." And then Quince leaves the room, running into me hard before getting to the door. I leave innocently.


**************Note: I'm not sure about this chapter so if someone can give me feedback please? Like, Comment, and add to favorites!! xoxo -Serinaaaaa

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