I am a vampire

I am Kiera. Being fourteen sucks, especially when you are a vampire. Can I even survive in the human world anymore?


5. Home Sweet Home

Sephora picks up Destinee and I from the end of our street.


"Janise and Kemal need you two their now." Sephora says to the two of us sternly. Something is definitely going on that we are all unaware of. 


If you are confused, Mom and Dad think I'm hanging out at Sephora's place.


We park outside the forest. Jumping out of the car, we have to walk for a few minutes before running in case anybody sees us.


When we finally get to our house deep in the middle of the forest, Janise rushes to answer the door. She looks scared. No, terrified. Destinee and I exchange a glance.


"What's wrong?" Sephora asks sweetly, her normal tone.


Soon we are all in the living room. Kemal and Janise have closed and locked every door and window there is. I get a sick feeling in my stomach, worried.


"You guys have to enroll at Vampire School."




"You guys have no choice. They will find out who you are if you do not go."


My jaw drops open. I know what Janise is saying is true, but I can't loose what I have at normal human school.


I feel tears form...


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