Apology (Kristanna)

Kristanna smut!
If you can't handle swearing and sexual content, don't read!


1. Chapter 1

"Where the fuck is he?" I asked Elsa, worriedly, "He was supposed to come home hours ago! I've missed him or months he's supposed to be here!" I cried. Elsa held me as I bawled in her shoulder.

"Kristoff will be back Anna, I promise," Elsa said very motherly.

"Elsa I want him home now," I whined. Elsa didn't know what to say so she just held me tighter.

"It will all be okay," Elsa said.

"No it won't! What if he left me? What if he doesn't love me?" I shouted. He had been gone for 4 months on an ice trip to try to raise up money. It was a long trip and I missed him so much. The day he's due to arrive, he isn't coming. I'm getting worried.

"Anna don't say that! He loves you with all of his heart! ALL OF IT!" Elsa said, really annoyed.

"You don't know anything about love!" I shouted back and left the room.

I missed Kristoff so much.

I longed for his gentle, yet strong arms around me.

I wished for his shaggy blonde hair getting in his face.

I missed his smirk.

I missed his giggle.

I missed him.

The hours passed by like days and still no Kristoff.

The next day, no Kristoff.

The day after, no Kristoff.

The day after that, no Kristoff.

But the day after, I received a telegram.

It read:


My dear I love you so much. I am so sorry that I am late. I'm coming home soon I promise. I just got caught up in work and lost track of time. I'm coming home real soon.

Your love,


Well at least he didn't leave me

Surely enough, the next day, Kristoff rode his sled over. Anna squealed with enjoyment and hugged him the minute he got even close to the castle. They kissed for a while and then he said hi to everyone else.

"Anna I want to apologize for being late," Kristoff said to me with a sad look on his face.

"Kristoff it's okay," I assured him.

"No I want to make it up to you."

"If you want to."

"Ok then follow me." Kristoff grabbed my arm and brought me to our bedroom. "Lay down." I was kinda into this new dominance he had. He climbed on top of me, grabbed my face, and kissed me. He moved his hands down my neck, in a swift motion and brought them down to loosen my corset. I helped him with the tangle of a mess and we finally got it untied and he, carefully, ripped my dress off. I didn't understand why he was still fully clothed while I lay under him, naked, wondering. I tried to speak but he shushed me and moved his lips down to my neck. His hands rested over my bare breasts and he began to massage them. It felt weird, like nothing he'd ever done to me before but I liked it...a lot. He moved his hands down to my hips. I was sad that he had finished that. It felt nice. He then slid his tongue from my neck down to my breasts. He sucked them and but them an I screamed in enjoyment but I wanted more. Enough of the boobs, I want pleasure in other places too. I tapped his head and pointed downwards. "I'm getting there," he said, "Patience." I sighed and let him work his magic on my weird body that he seemed to love so much. He left a trail of small kisses from my breasts down to my belly button. He was finally getting to the good part. His head was down to my vagina and I looked at him with wanting eyes. He grabbed a thigh in each hand and separated them. He buried his head between my legs and I suddenly realized how wet I was. His tongue slid through my clit and I screamed with enjoyment. His tongue lingered for a while but I wanted more. He finally stuck his tongue up and I moaned and laid my head back. How could he make me feel this good? I wondered. He took his tongue out and stuck two fingers up, still licking at my clit. His fingers worked smoothly inside of me, thrusting in and out in a swift movement. It felt so good. It was better than any sex he could have done with me. God this was better.

"Kristoff I think I might-mhmm" I got out before I started screaming his name and pulling his hair. I loved this feeling. I never wanted it to end. He slid his fingers out of me and gave me one last kiss on my lips between my legs before sucking my orgasm off his fingers.

"God that was some apology."

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