Little Things

Alex. She's different, and people don't like that. Her hair is pink, and her eyes, blue. She's not typical, that's for sure.... They don't like her, so they bully her. They don't see clearly, not like she does. Their eyes are corrupt with jealousy, greed, hate, you name it! They hurt her and break her, but will she give in?


8. What?

        I woke up to beeping. When I opened my eyes, I was in a white hospital room. I was all alone. In a sudden flash I remembered what had happened. I looked at my arms and thighs, they were tightly wrapped around several times in white bandages and medical tape. There was blood stains all the way through. I was studying my bandages when a nurse came in looking a little urgent. 


        "Hello I'm your nurse, I'm Anne. How are you feeling?" She asked. She seems pretty nice.


        "I'm feeling fine, just really tired, who brought me here?" I asked curiously.


        "Oh that's because of the meds we gave you," she looked at her clipboard before continuing, "and, some one named... Bunni? brought you here. She said she came over and you were passed out on the bathroom floor, next to a blade and you were soaking in blood." She gave me a look of sympathy.  


        "Ca-can I see her?" I asked nervously asking, afraid of how she react. I knew she would be pretty pissed, but sympathetic. I also knew that she was going to go psych on Brooke and the Barbies if I didn't tell her off. I really didn't want them to know, but don't ask me why, I don't know.


Nurse Anne must hair answered me or nodded because she interrupted my thought when she had told be she would be back. When I heard the door open I looked up and saw just Bunni.  I guess Nurse Anne's thought we would want some alone time to talk and she was right. 


        When she came in I saw that she looked so so tired. She had big heavy dark bags under her eyes. I guess I scared her shitless... I feel really bad. I gave her a nice big warm smile. 


         She gave me a weak smile back, but I can see that she was really upset. I looked at her in guilt and she understood. She decided just to get to the point.


        "Alex.....," she sounded tired and hurt " were you trying to do I-" but I cut her off.


"No, Bunni, I really really wasn't. I'm so so so sorry I wasn't trying to hurt anyone!" I started balling like a baby again, I'm such a wimp! Bunni came over and pulled me into an embrace. I collapsed into her arms sobbing. She whispered a soft, soothing "Shhhhh..... It's gonna be okay, I'm here. Shhhhhh...." 


        Honestly I have no idea what I would do without her! She's my best friend and I love her! She's like a sister to me but better, she puts up with all my shit. I feel so bad though..... She's analyzing and the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

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