Little Things

Alex. She's different, and people don't like that. Her hair is pink, and her eyes, blue. She's not typical, that's for sure.... They don't like her, so they bully her. They don't see clearly, not like she does. Their eyes are corrupt with jealousy, greed, hate, you name it! They hurt her and break her, but will she give in?


12. Therapy

        I stood up and said "That's me". She smiled at me and told me to follow her.


        She led me down a quiet, dimly lit hallway. It felt almost..... cozy. We reached a door and she opened in and motioned for me to enter. She asked me to take a seat or the couch, and she sat down in her chair. Her office had pictured, drawings from her kids, a small little clock that made a constant tick tock tick tock tick tock.


        "Sooo, you're here because you self harmed, right?" She looked at me with sympathy. I didn't want her sympathy, it's what I came here for. In fact, Bunni was the one who made me come.


        "Yeah," I replied. I drew in a deep breath, not sure of what was to come.


        It was actually quite boring. We really only talked about problems, my privacy rights, and more about me. But I promised Bunni I would go back. 


At the end, she looked at her watch and said, "Well, looks like times up." She called Bunni in and we made another appointment for in a few weeks.


God help me.

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