Little Things

Alex. She's different, and people don't like that. Her hair is pink, and her eyes, blue. She's not typical, that's for sure.... They don't like her, so they bully her. They don't see clearly, not like she does. Their eyes are corrupt with jealousy, greed, hate, you name it! They hurt her and break her, but will she give in?


6. Pancakes!!!

          We drove home in complete silence, unless singing counts. Bunni is such an amazing singer! For her birthday, I thought to myself, I'm gonna sign her up for auditions on The X-Factor. She would win for sure!!!! I love this girl. She's amazing!


We pulled into the driveway and I said "I want pancakes..." 


Bunni laughed as we got out of the car to go inside. I hoped she would make me pancakes, she's the best! She started getting out the stuff for the pancakes  and I hollered in joy. That made her giggle. She asked if I wanted to help her, and I told her I would help her with the eating part. She laughed like it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. Then she snorted which made us laugh even harder.


             When we were finally under control, I decided it would be fun to dance around to music while my best friend made me pancakes❤️! I went over to my iHome and plugged in my phone and shuffled my music. We squealed with joy when some of our fav songs came on first. First it was Little Me by Little Mix, Crawling by Linkin Park, A Team by Ed Sheeran, and Rap God by Eminem. We loved every song that played. We also screamed along to the lyrics. 


"YOUR PANCAKES ARE READY LADY!!!!!" I heard Bunni yell over the music. My eyes widened and that made her laugh. I screamed yay REALLY loud and took the plate of pancakes and the syrup and I ran to the table and gobbled them down. When I was done, I turned to Bunni and gave her a cheeses grin. Mmmm cheese sounded good!!! Bunni gave me a confused look when I went to the fridge and pulled out a low fat mozzarella cheese stick.


         When we were done eating I subjected we watch a movie. Again. We watched my favorite movie ever, The Little Mermaid. Hey, don't judge me! When we were done, Bunni said she needed to go back to the store and buy the stuff they were holding for us. I sniffed and acted sad but she just smiled and rolled her eyes. I gave her some money to cover my stuff that they were holding. She eventually spent the night again, but the next day she said she had to go do stuff.






Sorry it wasn't that exciting and that is was long and dragged. :( but in the next chapter it's gonna be juicy... I hope.... We'll I'm also sorry I haven't updated in a while, I have 5 library books that are due in a week, and they're pretty big. I was also busy with AIMS and my grades and other stuff. But I know I say this a lot, but I will get better at this writing more thing and I love you all! Even if you hate this book. So ya please keep reading there's gonna be a juicy mess soon!!!! ;)



                                                                                                                Keegan Styles  <3

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