Little Things

Alex. She's different, and people don't like that. Her hair is pink, and her eyes, blue. She's not typical, that's for sure.... They don't like her, so they bully her. They don't see clearly, not like she does. Their eyes are corrupt with jealousy, greed, hate, you name it! They hurt her and break her, but will she give in?


17. Everything's Unraveling

Chapter 17 *Everything's Unraveling*


       Alex went into her room to grab her phone and text Bunni saying: I love you I'm so so sorry 💔. The tears started flowing down her face as she slowly opened the closest door and started to make room. Alex's phone rang several times, but each and every time, she ignored it. She tied her rope in the closet and took a deep, shaky breath as she went to grab a chair from her kitchen table. As soon and Alex got in her room with the chair there was loud persistent banging on her front door followed up by Bunni screaming "Alex! Open up please! Let me in!". Alex, once again, ignored her as tears formed in her eyes. She stood on the chair, rope upon her neck and a gun in her hand. "I'm sorry" she whispered as she took a step off the chair. As she did, Bunni barged in the house. Alex' mind starts to race and she's barely able to pull the gun to her head and just as Bunni comes in, a deafening shot out. Alex stays conscious just long enough to see Bunni's expression of horror and trauma before she blacks out.

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