Little Things

Alex. She's different, and people don't like that. Her hair is pink, and her eyes, blue. She's not typical, that's for sure.... They don't like her, so they bully her. They don't see clearly, not like she does. Their eyes are corrupt with jealousy, greed, hate, you name it! They hurt her and break her, but will she give in?


7. CyberBully

        Bunni had just left and I decided to watch some t.v.. I watched reruns of Glee. My favorite episode is Britney/Britney or the one where Britney said "Did you know that dolphins are really gay sharks?". I watched maybes 2 and a half hours before I decided to go on my laptop and see what's going on. 


        When I got only laptop I had a lot of messages on my social media pages. First I checked LifeBuzz( just pretend it's a social media site), since I'd check Instagram and Tumblr later on my iPad or whatever. I had a bunch of messages from Brooke and her barbies. Ugh I wondered what she wanted this time. 


        I opened the first conversation:

(AlexTheKillr : Alex BrookyBee: Brooke BrigitYouIgit: Brigit Cass:Cassidy BunniLuvsU:Bunni<3)


BrookyBee: haha saw #AlexTheKillr at the mall. Hahahahah wtf she's so ugly. I mean, it's not like anything they have there is gonna fit her, ever. She's such a fat ass! She could never eat again and still be super fat! Not even a fugly pair of x24 large pants from Goodwill are gonna fit her!!!! Haha she's so stupid I swear!!!


Cass: hahaha Ikr! She's such a bitch!


BrookyBee: and did you SEE what she wore? Like wtf does her great grandmothers mom pick out her clothes? I wonder where she got them, Super Fat fat ass clothing store? Hahaha ):D


Ugh why are they being so mean? What did I ever do to them? I feel the tear start falling from my eyes and running down my cheeks, probably smearing my mascara as I'm typing. 


AlexTheKillr: Oh shut up! You're just jealous. Stop being so mean!!! 


BrigitYouIgit: You think your so special, don't you? You're soooo clever, the teachers love you..blah blah blah...well listen, suck-up, no-one cares about you, you're the least popular person here, and no one likes you! They just pretend to like the little ugly geek you are, so sink right back down to the ground where you belong! You're such a whore! I don't even think you're human!!!!


Thats it, I break down in tears as I keep going back and forth with them. Everything they say hurts, a lot. I don't know why they have to be so mean to me! I understand they hate me and I'm fat, I hate myself too. But still. Everything they've said or called me is true. My computer dings and I look at it.


Cass: why don't you just fucking kill yourself already! It's not like anyone cares about you!, you would just be doing us a favor. You're just a waste of space.


BunniLuvsU: Omg leave her alone!!!! She is so not a waste of space and I would care if she died, and so would a lot of others! So I suggest you shut that hole in your face and sow it shut before I do!!!


That only made me feel a little better. I went to get some tissues for the sweet relief that was coming next. I got out my silver lover and let it do what we both wanted. I went to the bathroom and sat against the tub. I  slid it across my wrists and thighs, but I did it deeper than normal, way deeper. The hot blood flowed down my arms and legs. If felt so good I had to do it more, and more and more. Pretty soon I couldn't stop and my clothes  and the bathroom floor were covered in my warm sticky blood. I felt a smile creep onto my lips, I couldn't remember the last time I felt this good. I tried to clean up the blood from the floor and my arms and legs a little bit, but it just kept coming and I couldn't stop. Pretty soon you couldn't see my skin on my arms or legs. I started to feel tired and alarmed because it wouldn't stop gushing. Eventually my body gave in and passed out, but my last thought was "Oh shit, Bunnis gonna kill me!".

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