Another girls boy.

This story isn't about me; it's about him, Justin bieber. Let's face it, he is the man, jock of the footy team, his parents are loaded and he looks somewhere between leonardo dicaprio and a greek god.


2. chapter 2.

While walking through the hallway of my official new schooling career, I remembered all the old notices on the walls, and the smell of bins, and gym clothes. A few small remarks came out of people when they saw me walking past, but I pulled a face which didn't make anybody come near you, making yourself look like your on the verge of killing somebody, and made my way down to the schools office to sign myself in.

'Luka Matalie, is that you?' I heard the voice of what sounded like shrieks of howling wolfs, 'Victoria! Nice to see you again' I turned around and forced a fake smile, as she wrapped her long arms around my shoulders. 'I haven't seen you outside of your house in forever!' she said, playing with the jewel bracelet on her wrist. Victoria and her family have been my neighbours since we first moved into our house. Her father, the local priest, consists of mowing his lawns at 5 am on a Saturday morning while eating chocolate biscuits her mother made the morning before, and getting her 8 year old brother to bring him out a nice mug of coffee. 'Homeschooling doesn't allow you out very much' I said, fake laughing it off. 'Well, let's hope you're in my class' she whispered as if it was a sin to wish for things, I nodded appealingly and waited in line to be accompanied by one of the office ladies.

'How do you spell your last name?' The lady at the computer said, pushing her glasses down to her nose and glaring straight at me. 'Matalie' I spelt it out, making sure she got it all correct. 'Yes, that's fine, your timetable is here, don't miss any classes or you'll have to come back here for a detention, first period starts in 10, so you should probably find your locker' She smiled, and waved the next person to come over to her. I sighed and pulled my timetable from the printer reading it over. First period was English, which I didn't really mind about, I'd always enjoyed English, books were my getaway when things got tough. 'Locker 16' I mumbled under my breath every 3 seconds. I spotted the number and opened the door seeing chewy all up the wall of it, and the smell worse then the bin. 'Appealing' i mumbled under my breath, 'you get used to it' I heard from next to me. I switched my eyes over and saw a girl I didn't recognise before, I would've remembered her deep eyeliner and messy blonde bun. 'Im Lauren, and I hate school more than most' she said, holding out her hand, I shook it and smiled at the last sentence, 'Luka, I'm the girl with the boys name' She chuckled, and shoved her books into her locker, locking it shut. 'I see you have English first, down the hall to your left, room 45' she said, directing her sentence with her hands. 'Thanks' I said smiling, 'Have a nice day' I added as she walked off. The third person I've met here and she was nice to me, hopefully this would repeat itself. I wandered off on my journey to find room 45, and start my schooling career, dodging all the students, tossing there bags around, chatting to there friends, or fighting with each other. Nobody seemed to notice me, but I felt like I was being watched by everybody, maybe it was just me, but a hit of social anxiety could damage my road to recovery. 'Your early, your going to be a good student' The teacher sitting at his desk said to me as I walked through the door and sat my books down at one of the middle seats. 'I try to be as early as I can' I mumbled throwing my bag down to the ground and slumping down in the seat, 'I'm Mr. Little, and I'm your English teacher, unless you've got the wrong class' He laughed, and pointed to the little badge on his chest which read his name, 'I'm Luka Matalie, and no, I'm correct being in this class' I chuckled and pulled out one of the books we were studying for this term; to kill a mockingbird, about a man who was wrongly accused of raping a woman and put on death row for it. 'Ah, fresh meat' I heard a boys voice walk into the classroom as the bell rang for first period, 'she's not fresh meat, that's luka from seventh grade!' I heard another boys voice break out. English was going to be a bad class. 'How you doing luka?' Steven Simons said as he sat next to me, I didn't reply going back into deep thought about my book, 'I've seen you've grown some hair' he laughed and high fived his friend sitting next to him, 'and I see you've finally grew the pubic hair you couldn't in seventh grade' His smile dropped and his friend laughed even more than before. I couldn't help but notice the scar along his nose, looked like a scratch wound, or a slash of anger. He sat back in his chair and grunted words under his breath, 'time to start learning!' Mr. Little shouted, and wrote the words 'to kill a mockingbird' in white bold on the write board, 'so who actually read some of the book' he asked, tapping his finger on his desk, around four hands were raised, most of them being those dorky kids I used to be.

Lunch times didn't enthuse me, like it did to others. Just another hour of people bitching behind each other's backs and eating the canteens horrible food; today's being toasted cheese's, a handful of potato chips, and an orange juice. I sat down at a spare table and stared down at what looked like prison food, it made me sick to my stomach. 'How you going newbie? Find your class easy?' Lauren said, sitting down infront of me, 'Yeah, it was quite easy with your directions' I smiled and shoved a potato chip into my mouth. 'So, met anybody you like?' She said, ripping off some crust on her bread and squeezing it into her awfully tiny mouth. 'Only a teacher, everybody here makes me intimidated' I said, looking at the percentage of people throughout the room. 'You get used to it, there not all as bad as they look' she smiled, 'maybe you could come meet my friends sometime, they'd like you' And with that she stood up, adjusted her bag, and walked out of the cafeteria. I watched her walk out, she has a slight limp to her walk, and her hair was greasy, like she can't be bothered washing it, I liked it. I finished eating and walked slowly back to my locker, but realised that was a bad idea. 'Hey! Luka! Come here!' I heard Lauren's voice from near my locker, I smiled and walked towards her only to see the people she was hanging around with. There stood the three traumatises from my childhood; Steven Simons, Ethan Kellings and Justin Bieber. 'Luka!' Lauren screamed again, I knew I couldn't bail out, she'd already seen me. I started walking over, shuffling my feet along the floor, and keeping my eyes down. 'Guys, this is my new friend Luka, she moved here today!' Lauren said excitedly, looking around at the group who were all standing around, smoking and gossiping. 'Fuckin' Luka Matalie, you grew up didn't ya love.' Ethan Kellings said, in his australian accent. He moved to the united states when he was 11, but always stuck with the aussie accent. Steven stayed quiet, and puffed on the cigarette burning into his mouth and back out again. Justin stood there with a surprised look on his face, 'The dork got hot' He finally pushed out of his mouth. I rolled my eyes and looked at the two girls standing next to them all, I'd never seen them before either, the first had long curly hair, and a freckle just under her left eye, and the other had a cigarette scar on her left hand but still continued to puff on the one she had. 'You guys know her?' Lauren said, in a surprised tone. 'Yeah, she came here and then left at the end of seventh grade' Steven said, blowing smoke out of his mouth. 'Im glad you remember.' I smiled sarcastically, I never really liked Steven, even though he had the worst childhood, and an abusive father, he still picked on kids who didn't deserve it.

The last period I had was a free one, which I didn't understand because were supposed to be getting an education but instead they leave us in a room to study, which rarely anybody does. 'I'll be back every 15 minutes to check you, please try to get some work done.' Miss Lilac said, wrapping her blonde hair up into a pony tail and picking up her computer, slamming the wooden door behind her. She was a younger teacher, with an engagement ring on her finger, and hair extensions in her hair line. 'So, when did you move back here?' Justin said, swinging back on his chair and chewing on his pen. 'I've always been here' I blankly said, pretending to read the study notes so his voice wouldn't occur again. 'Are you staying this time?' He said, doing a smile after his choice of words. 'If you don't be such a dick.' I said, sighing after it, and tried to concentrate on the science text book. 'You know your good looking now, can't be mean to the ladies.' He said, and with that he turned around, and wrote on a piece of paper sliding it onto my desk. I huffed and opened the note:

• Party tonight at Ethan's. 21 hunter avenue, be there; I won't be a dick I promise x •

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