Another girls boy.

This story isn't about me; it's about him, Justin bieber. Let's face it, he is the man, jock of the footy team, his parents are loaded and he looks somewhere between leonardo dicaprio and a greek god.


1. chapter 1.

It was eighth grade when I realised I was invisible. The year when girls are going on first dates and having slumber parties. I was different. Having glasses, short black hair and a squeaky voice that nobody wanted to hear did not get you friends. But when it came to love, yeah that sucked too. I had something going against me, that thing going a against me was my step sister, Callie. Her and her dad Ian, moved in with us when I was 5, so everybody just calls us sisters. She never had any trouble landing men, she just had trouble keeping them. I used to keep track, but I found it exhausting. Anyway, in just a few short months I went from 'invisible' to 'you're dating HIM' but enough about me, this story isn't even about me, it's about him; Justin Bieber. Let's face it, he is the man. Head jock of the football team, his family's loaded, and he looks somewhere in between a Greek god, and Leonardo dicaprio. I remember the first time I talked to Justin Bieber. Let's just say, from then on, he was a living hell to me. Everyday before school he would leave notes in my locker explaining how he would torture me throughout the day, or mouldy sandwiches from one of the Larkin boys from there lunch the week before. High school was so difficult for me, my mum took me out of school and homeschooled me for 3 years until I was sixteen, and actually had the self confidence to go back to school, which in reality was three days away. I don't know what I'm expecting, mostly shocked teachers faces on how old I've gotten, or some of the popular girls glaring at my reappearance.

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