The last Guardian

Rain ockley 15 year old Beauty that lives in a parallel universe. She must be tested to find her skills and abilities. She must have one, but she ends up with all five abilities. What happens when she is locked in the facility? Will she break free and find a way out?


1. chapter 1

The last guardian

Chapter 1

"Rain" get down here my aunt shouted from the staircase. "Coming" I shouted back rather harshly. Today was the day, the day I find my ability out. Iv been dreaming of this day for centuries, well not centuries maybe since I was nine. The only way I found out about abilities was through school, you see in my history class we started to learn about the guardians. Basically the guardians where like fallen angels, as you would say on earth. The guardians where very powerful, so powerful they could kill with just a kiss, and since they where so powerful the military killed everyone of the guardians. My mother was a decedent of the guardians but my father was not. My mother was killed when I was six years old just for having two abilities. My father on the other hand was sent off to earth when I was a baby, so he would be safe from harm. I don't know much about my family though, but I do know that I live with my fathers sister Lauretta or as I call her my aunt l. But enough with the history lessons lets just go and find out what I might be.

A/n~ hi guys I'm Sarah and this is my fantasy story that I just made up. I know this chapter is short but hey it's only the first chapter to a beginning of something beautiful. So please like and favorite this story - xoxo Sarah

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