I Fell For The Chef's Daughter

The day I met you I knew that this was not going to be just for a day. I knew that I will see your sweet face every day, that I will know you and live with you for the rest of my life. ~ Kristi Hansel


2. 2


I hum to One Direction's 'Loved You First' while I walk to my boyfriend Alex's apartment. I had made a short pitstop to Lily's cupcakes to buy him his favorite red velvet cupcakes. Alex has a weird obsession with Lily's red velvet cupcakes and I don't even know why. He normally doesn't eat red velvet.

Once I reach Alex's apartment complex, I enter the lobby, not forgetting to greet the doorman. I press the elevator button while I tap my foot on the marble floor. The elevator door opens and I step inside.

I reach my boyfriend's level and I skip through the hall and halt to a stop once I reach his door. I fish the key, out of my bag, to his apartment- which he gave me a few months ago- and stick it into the keyhole and twist the knob open.

I step into his apartment and the smile on my face immediately fades. I drop the box of cupcakes onto the floor because of the sight.

Alex was on the couch with a blonde fucking bimbo straddling his lap while he kisses her neck. He doesn't notice my presence until I walk up to the bastard and bitch and yell at him.

"You motherfucking cheater!" Tears start to well up in my eyes, but I stop them from trickling down my cheeks. The last thing I need for them to see are my tears; I have to look strong.

Alex pushes the blonde bitch aside, and she lands onto the carpeted floor with a thud.

"Baby-" He starts but I cut the bastard off.


Alex takes a step towards me and I back away from him, whilst shaking my head. "Don't you  dare come near me you manwhore!"

I continue to back up and head for the door; but before I walk out of the apartment I turn back to him. "We. Are. Done. Have a nice fucking life with your bitch!" And with that being said I walk out of his apartment and run. I run as far away from him, from this place, as possible.

I don't even bother the rain soaking me as I run back home. The last thing I care about right now is how I look.

Once I reach my house, I open and shut the door with a loud slam. My mum jerks up from her sitting position on the couch, and I see her eyes widen at the sight of her haggard looking daughter which is myself. 
She rushes over to me and immediately engulfs me into one of her loving and motherly hugs.

"Baby, sweetie, what's wrong?" She says as she strokes my back.

Before I knew it, all the tears that I have been holding back, streamed down my cheeks like a dam releasing its water. I bawl my eyes out as my mum continues to comfort me.

"A-Alex... H-he.. cheated o-on me! H-he cheated on m-me, m-mum!" I choke my words out.

"Oh, baby." My mum says, her voice laced with sympathy. "Shhh. It's okay, sweetie. You'll be okay. You'll be okay." She says, like a record on repeat.

My mum pulls me out of her embrace. "Darling, why don't we get you changed and then we'll talk. I don't want you to be sad and sick."

I nod as she leads me up the stairs to my room. I enter my room and I look back at my mum. "I'll be down in a few." I announce before sniffling. She just nods her head and heads downstairs.

I walk over to my bed and continue to bawl my eyes out, burying my face into my pillow.

How could he?! I loved him! How could Alex just go out and cheat on me! He told me and my mum numerous times that he would never hurt me because he cares for me, but yet he goes out and does this! How?! Why?! Was I not good enough for him? Was it because I'm not blonde? Was it because I didn't want to have sex with him? WHY DID HE DO THIS?!

A million questions and thoughts run through my head, until my subconscious speaks up.

What the fuck Ally? Why are you bawling your eyes out for a cheater! He's a cheater Ally! He doesn't deserve your tears! Get a hold of yourself!

I snap my head up from my pillow and wipe my tears up. She's right. A cheater doesn't deserve anybody's tears. I can get through this. I need to get through this, I need to forget about him and whatever I may have felt for him.

I rise from my bed and walk over to my bathroom and rinse myself of. I rinse myself off from the dirt and rain water and tears. If only I could also rinse the pain and memories away too.


After showering and changing my clothes, I head downstairs to join my mum. I trudge down the stairs, getting ready to recall the horrid events that just occurred an hour ago, to explain to my mum.

Once my feet make contact with the hardwood floor, I turn to the living room to see my mom on the phone, pacing back and forth in front of the telly.

Her words were incoherent from where I was standing, so I walk over to her and take a seat on the couch. She acknowledges me and holds up her index finger, signaling for me to give her a minute.

Whilst waiting for her to get off her cell, I bring my legs up on the leather couch and sit criss-crossed, and I start to play with my damp, dark brown hair. I absentmindedly played with the tips of it, and that's when I hear my mom sigh and she throws her phone on the couch. I bring my blue eyes up to meet hers.

"What's wrong?" I ask and and she shakes her head.

"Nothing. It's nothing." She plops down next to me and holds my small face into her smooth hands. "What happened?" She asks me eagerly.

I hold her hands and put them down from my face. I look down at our intertwined fingers and I look up again to meet her orbs.

"I caught Alex cheating on me when I went to visit him." I say quickly and quietly.

"Do you know who it was he was cheating with?"

"No..." I sigh and look down. Tears threaten to spill from my eyes but I prevent them.

My mom reels me in for a big, comforting hug and rubs circles on my back. "My baby. It's going to be alright, you're going to be okay without him. You're better off without him."

I let the tears spill from my eyes. "I loved him mom! I loved him!" I said.

"I know, I know you did sweetie. But he just proved that he doesn't deserve your love. He just proved that he doesn't deserve anybody's love. You'll get over him, baby. You will."

I nod my head and continue to enjoy my mum's loving hug and comforting words. "I love you mummy." I cry.

"I love you baby."


Author's Note: note bad for a first chapter, yeah?

BTW guys, I don't go over my chapters to see any errors in it. I decided that I'll just do that when I finish the story.

So I apologize for any 'off' words or any misspellings.

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