What would happen if Tris came back. Would they have a child? Maybe twins? Who knows!


2. Chapter two

Chapter two
Aptitude test today. I got dressed, ate my muffins in the weird way I do, (eat the top off than the bottom) and take Uri and Char to school. By the time I got to school it was time for my aptitude test. I walked in the room and saw an… Erudite. "Sit," she said. "I'm Julia. Drink this." She handed me a glass of something that tasted horrible. I drank though. Suddenly I was in the cafeteria with a knife and cheese in front of me. "Choose," said a voice. I picked up the knife. Cheese is useful but knives are useful. And I was write I cut off a piece of the cheese. Mm cheddar my favorite!
Then the scene changed. There was a dog. "AWW aren't you a cute little thing!" I fed it the cheese. A little girl appears. 
"Puppy." The dog got into attack position. The girl was running to it. I ran after the dog and killed it with the knife. It was only a simulation. The scene changed again. This time there was a man. He showed me a picture. 
"Do you know him?"
I did know him but it was a simulation. "Yes," I replied
"Oh thank you. You can save me."
"No I can't." I punched him as hard as I can an jumped off the bus. I woke up Julia staring at me. 
"This can't be," she said. 
"Okay you can not tell anyone about this. Not even your parents."
Now I was confused
"Your test results were inconclusive."
"What! The test was supposed to tell us were we belong! We're supposed to trust the test."
"The test didn't work on you. They call it Divergent."
"You can not tell anyone about this I'm putting you in as Dauntless."
"But what did I really get?"
"All five factions. You can go home tell your parents you got sick." I walked to the train and jumped on. I've got nothin to do so I just went to the Chasm. 
"Hi there," someone yelled in my ear.
I turned around and punched whoever it was… Zeke. "I have taught you well," he laughed as he got up. "What happened to the aptitude test?" 
"Ummm I got sick."
"Come with me," he lead me to his room. "Your Divergent."
I could almost hear Julia telling me to play dumb. "What's that?"
"Don't play dumb. I'm one too. That is the exact thing my tester told me to say."
"No seriously I know I am one but what does it mean Zeke?"
"It means you can do things other people can't. You are aware during simulations. It is very dangerous. You can not tell anyone."
"But what do they do when they find out you are Divergent?"
"They kill you."
Zeke walked me back home. 
"Hi Scarlet back so soon?" Said dad when I walked in. "Why"
"I umm," I need a new excuse. "They started letting us out right after the test?"
"Tris come here!"
Mom walked in and sat down.
"Sweetheart have a seat," she told me. "You are Divergent."
"Ok I am! What am I to do about it!"
"You must play dumb. All of the Factions have a way to tell. Dauntless is in stage three. It is your fear simulation. If you choose Dauntless you must take the Dauntless way out. But most of all. Play. Dumb."
I nod. 
"I need some cake," I said. 
"Like father like daughter. I need some too." Dad and I walked to the cafeteria and got our cake. I have to get Uriah and Charlotte from school. I jump back on the train to school and go to our secret spot. In a cave of pine trees. Soon they are with me. I help them on the train and we go home. By the time I fall asleep I have so many questions.


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