What would happen if Tris came back. Would they have a child? Maybe twins? Who knows!


5. Chapter Tobias

FIRST!! I was at the top Willow second and Car third. My name is now Five because I have five fears. We got as much cake as we could and were about to run around the compound yelling I LOVE DAUNTLESS CAKE!!!!!!! So when we were about to puke we started. Whoever got the farthest without getting sick wins. We got up and started running and flailing our arms yelling "I LOVE DAUNTLESS CAKE!!!!!" I won but only because I stuffed my cake in my pocket instead! We were looking at photos for no reason. I saw one of mom, dad, Zeke and my parents friend Uriah. "Hey that's my dad!" Said Willow pointing to Uriah. "That's not possible he's dead!" 

"No he's not we go to visit him in the hospital every week!"

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" Me and Willow rushed to get our parents and Zeke. 

"Woah chill out!" Said Zeke after I almost made him fall in the Chasm. 


"What?!" Said Christina. 

"It's true," replied Car

"no it's not now go Five you need to pick up your siblings." Mom shooed us out. We went to the school. "We have to find a way to get Uriah out!" I whispered to Car and Willow. "Totally."

we went to our secret place. And secret Hall that led to any faction. We planned there. We would go to Erudite to get him. We needed to pretend to be doctors. We are going to bring him back to Dauntless. Done. Not easy as cake. 

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