The Lucky One

Do dreams really come true? Is it unrealistic? Are you torn between the one you love, and your passion and career? That's exactly how it is for Kylie. The difficult journey she has to make will all pay off in the end. Or will it?


1. Chapter 1


 Kylie's POV

 It was raining. The sky was as dark as the land is long. I ran as fast as I could. The rain was stinging my cheeks as I sped down the street. My salty tears mixed with the fresh rain on my face. I squinted my eyes, and looked through the rain. Under a street lamp, I saw a person. They were running straight at me, I didn't stop or slow down. If anything, I went faster. With in seconds, I knew it was the one person I needed to see most. We ran into each other and embraced in the pouring rain. "I knew you would come back." I whispered in his ear. "Of course I'm back, and I will never leave you alone again. Not after what he just did to you."



*** 1 year earlier***


 Kylie's POV

 My alarm went off, blaring Demi Lovato's neon lights, jolting me from my dreamless sleep. I sat up on my bed and stretched my arms, before looking at the time. 8:30. I switched the alarm off, and worked on getting up. My body didn't want to get up this early on a Saturday, but I knew it wasn't an ordinary Saturday. Tonight was the 5 Seconds of Summer concert that all of my friends have been dying to go to. I sent a group text to my two friends, Halli and Jade. The two who were coming to the concert with me. I let my eyes get used to the sunlight shining into my room, before standing up, and walking to my door to go downstairs. My mom was already up and energized. "Good morning Honey! Today's the big concert! Are you excited?" She asked, bringing me a smoothie. I smiled at her. "Of course I am!" I said with as much excitement as I could for just waking up. She was fully dressed, from the top of her head, to the very tips of her freshly painted toes. "What are you all dressed up for?" I asked her, taking a sip from the glass. "I'm not dressed up! I'm just going in for a half day at work. The bills aren't going to pay themselves, and neither will those singing lessons." She pointed out, while spreading cream cheese on a bagel. "True." I nodded. "I don't know why your dad insisted on moving to California of all places. He couldn't of picked somewhere cheaper." She went on, while sliding me the bagel. "Hey mom, is it ok if Jade and Halli come over in a few minutes to hang out until the concert?" I asked, changing the subject. She took a sip of her coffee and nodded. "I'll be back at 5:30. You girls need to be ready to go." She said, pointing at my while she grabbed her keys. "Wait a minute. How are you three getting home? You know your father and I have a very important dinner we have to go to with his boss." She asked before heading out the door. "Don't worry, mom. We got this covered." I said as I waved her off. I texted the girls again, as my mom left the house. 10 minutes later, they rang the door bell. "Hello?" I asked, opening the door. "Hey girl! Are you ready for tonight?" Halli asked, bursting through my front door with Jade trailing behind her. Both girls had tote bags in their hands. "Oh, I forgot to ask. Is it ok if we stay here for tonight?" Halli asked, setting her stuff by my front door. "Yeah sure, but how are we getting home from the concert?" I asked. Jade and Halli looked in between each other. "Uhm, I guess we are just going to walk home. See the beautiful California city lights." Jade said with enthusiasm. I sighed. "Just don't tell my mom. She'd be so pissed off if she found out one of your parents weren't driving us." I said, and while leading them upstairs into my bedroom.  "So what are we going to do until we have to get ready? We have about two or three hours until we need to start." I asked. They were both sitting on my bed, cuddling my pillows. "oooh did you hear about Jenna?" Halli asked. She was always one for gossip. "No, I didn't. What's up with her THIS time?" I asked, sitting on my plush chair. "Ok, so word on the street is that she hooked up with Nick, and now she's knocked up. She's going to keep it too." Halli whispered. I rolled my eyes. "That's not gossip. Everyone knew that was going to happen eventually." I said, grabbing a stuffed bear from my bed. "That's not the weirdest part, wait until I tell you what she is naming it!" Halli said, getting more excited. "What is she naming it?" Jade asked. "Kashmere. Why? Because that's her favorite material, and thinking of real baby names is too hard. Plus she wants to be original and unique. Apparently too unique to spell Cashmere correctly." Halli said, in a mocking tone. I giggled. "Don't be mean!" I said, throwing a small pillow at her. "Hey, tell that to her." Halli said, making Jade laugh harder than she already was. "Ok, how about we talk about something else." I said, inspecting my chipped nail polish. "How about how cute Jonathan looked yesterday at school?" Jade said in a flirting voice. "Ewe no." Halli said, immediately dismissing that idea. I started picking at the chipped paint, while they figured something out. I tuned them out, until I noticed the opening cords to one of my favorite songs. 'She Looks So Perfect' by 5 Seconds of Summer. I immediately looked up. Jade and Halli were already up and ready to start dancing around my room, when the 'Hey' line started. I hopped up and joined them. We all grabbed brushes from my dresser, and lip synced to the song. We then decided that's the best thing to do until we had to get ready. After we listened to the album for the third time, I looked at the clock. "Ok girls, time to get ready." I said, raising an eyebrow at them. They both ran downstairs to get their bags, and joined me again. We each laid out our outfits, and got started. We were all wearing shirts with the 5SOS logo on the front, and the back of mine said 'Hemmings' with the number 96 on it like a jersey. Halli's said 'Hood' on it with his birth year, and Jade's said 'Irwin' with his birth year. I put on my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, and my knee high converse. While the other two were getting their pants on, I went to my jewelry box and grabbed some silver hoop earrings, and my Penguin necklace. When the other two were finished we started on hair and make-up. I made my hair into beach-like waves, while Jade put hers in a high ponytail, and Halli put hers half up half down. I my make-up was a smoky eye, and pink lip gloss with a gold shimmer to it. By the time all of us were finished with the details, my mom walked through the door. We all ran down the stairs to greet her. "Hey!" We all said in unison. "Hey girls! You all look beautiful! Are you ready to go?" She asked, holding up her car keys. We all nodded fiercely. "Do you have your phone?" She asked me. I nodded. "Keys? Wallet?" She asked. I nodded again, and we made our way to the car. The drive seemed to drag on forever, until we could finally see the arena. "You girls be safe! Don't talk to strangers!" She said. "We won't! Love you!" I yelled back as she drove away, and we ran to the doors. "Tickets please?' The guard said. He had a bored look on his face. We all smiled at him, and showed him our tickets. He opened the door, and we were in. "So where are our seats again?" Jade asked, turning her head in all different directions. "Right there." Halli said, pointing to a few seats on the floor. "No way." Jade said looking between us and the seats. "Chill. They aren't front row. Or second. But yes, those are the seats." Halli said, smiling. We made our way down to the seats, and sat down, waiting impatiently for those four boys to walk out onto the stage. It felt like forever, before The crowd cheered for the guys making their way out. "How are you tonight California!" Michael yelled into the mic, causing the arena to erupt with teenage girls screaming. This was so unreal, to be so close to them, but them have no idea you even exist among the sea of fans. I starred at Luke the whole concert, engraining every note he sang into my mind.

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