The love of my life * Complete *

I've been dating Justin for a year now and it's our anniversary. Justin makes me feel like a queen and I'm so appreciative of him. He is the love of my life and I couldn't ask for more.


18. New girl?

We got the airport and got to our gate. We waited for the plane to board. We boarded our plane and sat down. Justin wrapped his arms around me but I didn't face him. I kept thinking if how he could hurt me. I soon got tired and fell asleep. I had this nightmare with Justin. He was with a new girl. It wasn't me and I was broken. Justin and the new girl left town and never came back. I woke up to justin shaking me.

Justin- Baby? Wake up! 

Kimberly- J-Justin you're still here ?! 

Justin- Yes baby I am. Did u have a bad dream? 

Kimberly- Yes. You weren't with me anymore. You were with some new girl but no one knew who she was.

Justin- New girl? Baby I would never leave you for anyone not even god himself. 

I just looked up at him and started to cry. 

Kim- Please don't. 

He nodded and took of his seat belt and mine. He carried me to the bed and brought me water. He was being so loving and took care of me. I guess he really did love me. ------The plane landed and we got off and headed to a hotel. Justin had a show in 4 days so we had 3 days to chill. 

Justin- Baby do u wanna watch a movie? 

I nodded and plopped my ass on the bed. Our hotel room had a whole in the ground that led to the pool out side. Justin put on white chicks and laid next to me. He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around my waist. 

We both laughed at every single part of the movie. I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep. 

I woke up but justin wasn't there with me. Where was he ? I got up and heard yells coming from out side the hotel room. I got close to the door and heard him screaming to who I think was Selena. 

Justin- Selena I don't love u I love her. What we had was nothing. You left me I didn't leave you! Now u want me back cuz I actually have a reason to be happy? Leave us alone and get the fuck out my life. 

Selena- But justin don't you still love me.? 

Justin- Hell no ! 

I then heard a bang against the wall and justin was saying get off of me. I opened the door and saw Selena holding Justin's arms against the wall and kissing him. I quickly pushed her off and justin pulled me into a hug

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